Do you ever just get tired

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2 years ago
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I live my life sparing and baring the pain of others . I think I have done everyone and everything right. I have always put others before me. Even strangers. But sometimes I have to ask why.My monsters hide behind beautiful mask. I usually don't recognize the monster until my feet has been kicked out from under me and I'm looking up at it as its pulling its mask off, laughing. Even though I could channel that energy back to them I rarely ever do. I don't like pain. Giving it or receiving it. I'm tired though. I'm tired of dreaming. I'm tired of living others nightmares for them to ease their pain. I'm tired of looking people in the eyes and knowing their intentions but giving them the benefit of the doubt anyway. I'm tired of doing without so others can do better than me, I'm tired of those who has taken the few dreams I have left away from me. I'm just tired..but...their is nothing I can do without inflicting pain in some way to someone and I don't think I could live with myself if I hurt others. So, Here, here is everything the world hadn't took from me. Take it, it yours. Just don't look back
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2 years ago
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Hun I know it is hard to hurt people. I never want to either. Hell I got married just so I wouldn't hurt someone. It's not the right way to do things, and it's dishonest. You need to be honest with yourself and everyone else. You're keeping those people from their own journey and even if it spares them pain it's not fair to them. You're taking their life and lessons away. I know you're trying to help them. Helping us an empaths addiction. But you have to stop enabling people by always being up to bat for them, they'll never learn the game otherwise

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