Confused, Lost and Unsure

Jodi Hill
Jodi Hill
3 years ago
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Over 2 years ago I found out that my husband of 14 years had been fooling around on me with various women throughout our relationship. The last being a Russian woman he found on a dating/ marriage site and started a relationship with her spending our money to fly her over here then telling me he was going on business trips with his job which I believed. I found out about this woman by accident when I picked his phone up to look at pictures he claimed to have from a business trip and saw the 2 of them together in New York. Afterwards, he explained to me that he fell out of love with me years ago but kept hoping thing's would change so he stuck around. BOGUS!!

He lost an excellent job, caused us to lose our home that I lived in for 10 years and I just received divorce papers today. He moved to Florida ten minutes from my daughter and due to him being there it has caused a huge rift in my relationship with her cause of the fact that despite everything this man has done to me her reasoning is he never did anything wrong to her and she continues to allow him in her life and my grandchildren's lives. This same man who said he was going to put me in the hospital after turning off the power to the house and boarding up doors trying to keep me from getting out then on another occasion when getting ready to leave for work he stated that he hopes my car blows up with me in it and then he destroyed over $3,000 worth of household items including a video of my grandson learning how to walk which I can never replace.

I have had repeated arguments with my daughter over this man and yet she continues to defend him like he's done nothing wrong. She tells me that the marriage was over long ago and that I need to just move on and that he deserves to have someone in his life..WTF!!!

Now, he's rushing through our divorce in order to bring over the Russian woman who mind you is in her 60's and he's in his 50's and me in my 40's so he can get married to her after he has run her down to me numerous times about her bedroom performance and that she's all about money and so on and so on yet he's going to bring her over here and marry her cause he said she makes him happy but he runs her down behind her back.. go figure... On top of that he's fooling around behind her back too with other women..

But what bothers me the most out of all of this is the fact that my daughter has turned her back on me and has chosen to have him in her life and he's not even her real father and he runs her down all the time too but it doesn't seem to faze her at all. My son on the other hand hasn't had anything to do with him since he found out what my spouse did to me and wont' have him around his daughter and he's not talking to his own sister cause she has that man in her life.. I don't know what to do about any of this. I love my daughter and it bother's me so badly when were not talking to one another but I can't have a relationship with her as long as she's defending this man and having him in her life.. I have to wonder if one day she will finally see him for what he really is and realize her mistake of dropping her own mother from her life and defending this man.

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