Is it an empath thing?

8 years ago
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Today Iwas feeling sad andalone...

After much deliberation I have worked out the cause and am now feeling much better. It wasbecauseI didn't have any e-mail to delete. ROFL

It's true I tell yers, for the first time ever I logged on andI didn't have to delete any e-mail. So for a moment I was in a sort of oh my gosh nobody loves me mood, but quickly turned this into a "oh my gosh I have been successful in my efforts to stop spam mood!"

My original question was: "Is it an empath thing?"

What would your reaction be if you logged on and didn't have any e-mail?

Love and Blessings


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8 years ago
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There was a time when I would have felt the same way. But now whether or not I have an email, whether or not someone responds to a post I have made or even whether or not someone agrees with me no longer is an issue. I think I finally am secure enough in that I know who I am (I am finally happy with myself) and that what others think does not shake me any longer. It becomes that we can agree to disagree, people either like me or they don't, people either agree with me or they don' any of those cases it still does not change what I feel, what I know and how I view things. I now can be inaccurate in what I saw because the connection wasn't there but it will not devastate me. We are, after all...still humans.

Interesting topic Bruce, thank you!

Blessings, peace and light...

8 years ago
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LOL! This reminds me of when I used to come home and look at my answering machine. If there were no messages, I'd say, "Nobody loves me!" It's strange how we depend on technology to feel connected. Even if it is only SPAM!!
8 years ago
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This is funnny, I do the same thing *lol*! Or when I get to my cell n have no txt's or missed calls "Umph Nobody loves me!".. I'ma big dork! :-D

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