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Beth Khauv
2 years ago
6 posts

I am so happy to have found this support group. I am 50 and have known my entire life that I am "different". It has effected my entire life/family as I have been denying it for 50 yrs!!! By denying it I have been sick physically and emotionally for years!! Its time to stop denying this and stop thinking of it as a curse and not a gift. I have no idea how to protect myself and how to help others. I am mostly looking for advice and direction as to how to make this a gift!! I have absolutely no idea what the first step is. I would love any advice that you can give me. Love light and energy Beth.

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Janett Niemi
2 years ago
86 posts

Welcome! It is remarkable when we finally find this site. I'm 64 and I didn't learn what an empath was until 3 years ago-knew that I was different, but didn't know anyone else was like me. It's exciting but daunting because after the realization wears off you are left with, what now?

This site has a lot of wonderful information from which to learn. I would start with the Empath Survival Program at the top of this web page, look over all the groups and join what interests you. That should get you started in the right direction. We Empaths are alike in many ways, but so different in others. Take your time and discover what your gift is and then fine-tune it by asking questions, practicing to make your gift stronger, and read, read, read. I have almost as many books about my gifts as I do novels, and that's saying a lot! I am an avid reader! And just keep doing it because as you learn, your focus changes. My new interest is Indigo/crystal children, because I can see it in my grandchildren. I never knew they existed until just a few months ago. It's an interesting subject.

Sending you lots of love on your path of discovery!

-janett niemi-

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