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Hi. I was told back in 2010 that I was an empath. I never did anything with that knowledge until recently when I dove into research and discovered that I am not alone in this journey. All my life I have felt different from others. I have trouble finding close friends because I find that it is difficult to meet people who are genuine. I know when people are lying. I often feel drained by people. I need a lot of quiet time to recharge and this makes me weird in other people's eyes. Recently I had to end a friendship with a narcissist individual. It was very painful as I want to help people all the time but I am aware that the relationship was a toxic one. I was emotionally and physically exhausted by this person.

On a good note, I had things happen in my childhood that I didn't really understand at the time. I always knew what people wanted or what they were going to say. I did soul travel. In my 20s I had my children which seemed to open the spiritual floodgates for me. I had a lot of dreams, visions, experiences with a spirit guide, seeing people who passed. That all seemed to go away when I became depressed about my failing marriage and I just got busy with my kids lives, forgetting my own.

Now I am ready to explore this talent and grow with it. I am confident that I am here for a purpose. (I work with the elderly). I need to learn to control my chakras as far as blocking negative energy that comes at me and open them when the time is right. I am also interested in finding new friends who understand.

Thanks for letting me air my feelings.


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