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Debbie Winchell (Loving Dove)
Debbie Winchell (Loving Dove)
9 years ago
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It's nice to discover that there are other people with the same ability I have. I've always known that I had extra senses. I pick up feelings, once in a great while I can predict something and I get along very well with animals. Sometimes I can also sense the spirits of people and animals who have passed on. When I was very sick with the flu last Christmas two ghost cats came to keep me company in bed. I could feel them but not see them, so I didn't know which ones to thank.One time there was an important horse race on TV. I was sitting on the sofa and sewing. You know how each horse is shown on tv before the race? As soon as I saw the long-shot I knew the filly would win. The odds were 70 to 1, and she did win!I have two questions. 1. Is there a spiritual/metaphysical reason why some people are empathetic? Or are we just born with extra senses and we feel like we'd like some kind of compensation for our extra suffering?2. Can it be possible that sometimes you meet a person for the sole reason to help them get better? It's been so long since I had the relationships I don't recall what made me wonder that then. In a recent example, the man had become depressed about his career but meeting me gave him new motivation and he's gone on to win 7 prestigious national awards. Most recently I met a man whom I resisted falling in love with, but did anyway. He was pretty emotionally crippled by post-traumatic stress disorder. I tried to encourage him to get help but not only was he insulted, his work schedule wouldn't have allowed him to make an appointment to see anyone anyway. For once, though, I'd like a relationship to be less about them and more about me. I've kind of wondered if it was my fate to keep fixing people instead of being happy.For the most part I can handle being an empath. I've learned that I have to go with my intuition in life in order to be happy. It's when it comes to romantic relationships that I get tripped up. It's easiest for me to pick up the feelings of the man that I care about. Occasionally I know exactly what he's thinking. It's really difficult when the man doesn't want to pursue the relationship. I think it's harder for an empath to shut off her own feelings. I feel very lonely then, like I do right now (-: !
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