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2 years ago
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Hello all!! I am Michelle and I am an ICU nurse and caregiver as long as I can remember. Always knew some things were different but never really knew what. Maybe a healer I am guessing as well as many other type gifts I feel I may have. Warning I am in the midst of major turmoil with my household. A lot of disease, cancer, etc. I am caring for my youngest daughters father currently as well. Taking on a lot with just him alone. I feel I need to or am suppose to be doing this although it is a toxic relationship to say the least. I can't explain it, but feel I may be here right now to help him pass on at some point? Not really sure but strong pull to continue what I am doing. Would not surprise me it was a specialty of sorts at work for me. I was always given the dying due to being so good with them and their families. I am also very ill along with my children. Lots of things happening with me all at once and very fast. But I am not afraid. Actually I feel at peace? Hard to explain. Already have learned so much from being here and so glad I found you all!! Well don't want to write a book but am looking forward to learning more about myself and what all is going on with me and making some new friends who uderstandable and also learning much muchallenging more! So hello to you all and happy to be here!!Love and lightMichelle
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