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Equus Aquarius
2 years ago
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Hi Everyone!

I'm so glad that I have found this forum and all of you!

My horse has recently started communicating with me telepathically-sometimes I will hear him say something, and sometimes he will send me feelings. My pony often sends me feelings and my dog has sent me a picture once! If I mentioned these experiences anywhere else, I would probably be hauled off to a mental hospital or at least given some pretty strange looks - Lol!

As of now, I cannot (at least I don't think so) communicate telepathically at will-it just happens when it happens!

One day, about 3 months ago, while riding my pony I discovered that I was actually picking up pain from my pony!!! When I started attending an animal communication workshop shortly after this experience, I started picking up pain from other horses and dogs at the workshop as well! I also started picking up their emotions and some of their responses to questions that the workshop teacher asked them!!!! I then discovered, during another day at the workshop, that I could feel where horses had energy imbalances and needed healing and that me running my hands over them created a lot of buzzing in my hands and drew a bunch of heat away from the spots and made them feel better!

Then something strange happened to me: Even though I would walk away from running my hands over these horses feeling drained and like I had been run over by a bus, I felt like I had to keep on doing this, so I started practicing on my own horses, my dog and husband.

I started seeing green light while I was doing this and started seeing areas on people's auras and animal's (still kind of just clearish energy fields at this point) that looked like ripples or disruptions and my hands started getting really hot, and more intense with energy...I've also started seeing color in auras, but not all of the time yet..

I'm not very good at being brief..I'm just excited, anxious, optimistic, overwhelmed, drained and a live wire, all at the same time...

Thanks for letting me share!!!!

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Gin S
2 years ago
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That is really neat, it sounds like you are an animal whisperer. I have an affinity to animals but not as much as you do. I know what my cats are saying but I don't know if it is telepathic. It is more like I understand their meows and body language. I can pick up on people's thoughts but I haven't noticed it with animals, I think I am just reading them. My husband was getting annoyed because as soon as he would think something I would say it. He would tell me to get out of his head, lol. I told him I don't know when I am in your head, it sounds just like mine. It sounds like you have a very exciting gift. :)

Equus Aquarius
2 years ago
184 posts

Thank you for your kind words Gin S:) It sounds like you have some very exciting gifts too though, possibly very similar to what I've got-everyone just interprets everything a little differently.

If you are already picking up on people's thoughts, chances are you will start picking up of your cats' thoughts too. I can't say this for sure but that's how it has worked with me for some reason, and now I pick up more on my horses' thoughts than I do on peoples'!

As for abilities, I don't think it's for us to say who has more of an affinity than someone else. I think that having my horse talk first to another animal empath, and then the fact that I took a communicating with animals workshop greatly opened up lines of communication for me. Just like any other skill, it is 2% talent and the rest practice/education I think.


Equus Aquarius

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