looking to meet new friends

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The shadow and the Light.
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hello new members

updated by @the-shadow-and-the-light: 02/26/17 11:56:02PM
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I would be glad to have a friendship with you. I am going through that change in my life as well. I have to do a little cleansing of relationships in my life to better my life, so I am also looking for new positive and uplifting friendships : )

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Hello Shadow :) welcome to the community <3 Love and Light xxxx

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Hello and welcome The shadow and the light,

I am a new member also, joined about a month ago and find this a wonderful place to share, learn and make friends. Being an empath is new to me, so much makes sense to me now. My problem I am learning to deal with is being around negative people that drain me.

Live & Appreciate

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