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2 years ago
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Hello everyone, my name Elad and I recently discovered your community. I am very confused. I suspect that I am empathetic because: very connected to nature and animals, physically feel the suffering of others, can recognize lies, very difficult for me when there are a lot of people and other characteristics that empathetic. But I'm still not sure I'm empathetic. Is there a clear-cut way to check this? In addition, very hard for me to imagine things from will- as the first exercise program survival empathetic. Usually when I imagine it happens involuntarily. It means that something is wrong with me? I will be happy for answers.
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2 years ago
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Hi Grumpy Bear

The Matrix analogy is so right on.

The Matrix

That is what the EC is to many who find it; the Red Pill. We can and will help you to do the best of our ability to do so with kindness, compassion, understanding and LOVE.

Throw some love into the wind.


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