How do I cope

6 years ago
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I am having a really hard time with this whole thing. I seem to be buried with feelings from every where, most of which are horrible. I have tried a few exercises from the Empath Survival Program. It seems that only opens the door to more emotions. The only thing I have found, is to use alcohol or pills to stem the tide. I seem to be able to better handle it all.

I am worried for my safety now. Things are getting really strange. I was preparing a snack yesterday, and found myself glaring at the knife in my hand. I wondered where and how I would cut myself. Years before I used to be suicidal. I no longer think this way, and would never go to that extreme now. Funny thing is, in that moment, I felt nothing, no pain, not from me, or anyone else. Its like I woke up and saw the knife, and realized what was running through my mind.

Was I sent this bc I can identify with that pain? How do I separate myself,to know where they end and I begin?

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Nocturne's Angel
Nocturne's Angel
6 years ago
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I have said a prayer for you.

For strength , protection & guidance.

Welcome to the Empath Community Chris :)

In order to separate yourself, you will need to take a step back

so to speak, and ask yourself "Is this my stuff? Is this my emotion, grief, pain?

Insert whatever it is that you are feeling at the moment

Or is it someone else's?"

Usually other people's "Stuff" appears when we are near them, or we talk to them

or we are in crowds, but that isn't always the case, so you have to take the time

and check yourself to see if it's truly YOU who this is coming from and if so WHY.

Try this link if you haven't already:

Also, on this site the Empath Community

there are videos about EFT by Elise Lebeau

please do a search for them on here and try them out.

Also on here is a Technique called the Zip Up Technique,

please do a search for that on here also.

I wish you the best,


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