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I've been an empath since I was a teenager and I joined this group because I want to practice my skills. I seem to just know things. I don't specific details but the morning my father passed away, when I woke up I just knew he was gone before I was told by my grandmother.

I would love to be able to sharpen these skills so maybe my intuition could be stronger and more detailed.

Looking forward to growing my skills and make some new friends.

PS I also read the tarot and have been very accurate with my readings which I feel is due to being an empath.

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Hi Carol

Welcome to the EC. If I can ever be of help, as the angels say, just ask.

Throw some love into the wind.


Gin S
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Welcome to EC Carol. This is a great place to practice and learn about the gifts you have.

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Did you know that Tarot Cards are just one tool to develop your Psychic Ability?

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