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2 years ago
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Hi there!

I found out I was an empath a couple of weeks ago after I kept finding I was able to 'feel' what my friends and family were feeling and when one of my best friends found it easy to talk to me about things that were bothering them, or when they needed advice for something. I love nature (especially flowers. I do photography and thankfully I live in a house with a big garden with flowers) and I love animals (I have 7 dogs). I'm VERY creative (I'm doing a BIG fiction writing project right now, as well as a couple of art projects). The thing is, my 'ability' is very speradic- it only happens at certain times.

I didn't know if there were any ways to heighten it so i can use it whenever I want? I don't want to suppress it since I love helping people.

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Secret Blossom
2 years ago
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Hi Emily! I feel that my ability is also very sporadic. A friend explained it to me like this...some people you can sense, others you can't. It's like whether you get a key or not. You cant sense them if you don't have the key to unlock the door. But it still makes me wonder why and gets me frazzled! Hope this somewhat helps!
2 years ago
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Hey Emily. I suspect the difference is if the person is actively feeling or suppressing. It requires them to "feel" the emotion consciously for us to pick up on it at all. That is why sociopaths are not readable, can beat lie detecter tests and such-they don't feel the feelings so others don't sense them.

2 years ago
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Hi, Emily!

I'm new also, and I'm pretty sure that I'm an empath.I think I'm the same boat you're in, because I can't always control it, sometimes. I'm sorry that I'm not typing very much, it's just that I can't think of what to say.

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