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There are many techniques and I will include a very helpful link at the end of this but I also highly recommend getting some black tourmaline. It is the strongest of the protection stones. It creates a strong shield that repels all negative energy. It also feels really good. Like a soothing balm just being near it. Get it raw, untumbled and unpolished. Completely natural. It has more power when it is untouched and fresh from the earth. Also get more than one piece. They sell it by the pound on Amazon. I recommend that. Black tourmaline needs to recharge itself after each use (something I learned myself by using it). Also use it only when you need it, when you plan to be around negative people (again so it can recharge). How I use it is I grab a fresh piece when I go out and put it in my pocket. The next time I need protection I grab a different piece. If you need any more help feel free to message me.

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