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I joined a few days ago. I found this site through a link (to a link to a link...I think :) ) on Facebook where I took an amazing quiz. So many of the questions were so right on the money with me...more comfortable in nature, do not like crowds, avoid people, etc. I have always regarded all of these things as flaws in my personality. At least, that is what I was lead to believe by family members who do not understand me. What a relief to see it all in writing and know that it's not something that needs corrected! If I have any abilities, they are as yet undiscovered by me. Quite possibly I am blocking them somehow. I have suspected that for some time.

My spiritual (other than strict Christian) path began when my son overdosed and died in 2005. My friend took me to a medium and that started me on a path I never would have been on otherwise. I have had many wonderful (and a few so-so) readings, although I haven't had one in over a year now. I experimented with EVP (electronic voice phenomena) and heard many spirits including my son and also an old woman who chided me for not wearing a hat at the cemetery when I was recording in the winter. I am Level II Reiki although I have never used it. I think I didn't/don't believe in it, although I tried to. I have taken psychic development courses and have been told that I have the ability to do readings, but I doubt it. I run hot and cold with things, which frustrates me and makes me angry at myself. Right now I am in the "off" mode; mostly reading novels and spending way too much time online fussing around. I am hoping the discovery of this site will help me to refocus my energies and use my "gift", which I am still trying to figure out.

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