Janett Niemi
Janett Niemi
4 years ago
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I'm so glad you made it here! This site has wonderful information with many people who just want to help. Don't be afraid to ask!

Empathy is a skill, and like all skills, it needs cultivating, refining and practice. Start small and build from there. My advice is to take the "Empath Survival Program" at the top of this page. It will help you to learn how to shield yourself from excess energy. (Probably the MOST important thing an Empath needs to know)

Also, be gentle with self. We all get overloaded with emotion and then lash out at the one person we can-self! That's not right. I remember years ago when VHS tapes came out. On the face of the VHS tape it said, "Be Kind. Rewind!" That's a good motto for Empaths-be kind to self. If you are feeling out of sorts, take a peek at what you have just lived. If it's not your energy, get rid of it. Rewind and only allow kind, gentle energy to be apart of your life.

Sending you love....


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