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2 years ago
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Just had my aha moment tonight. I am a 45 year old Nurse, married, mother of two. For some reason I look much younger. I get asked for ID a lot. I am contemplating getting out of nursing after 20 years as I am so anxious I have started taking medication for it. I have always known that I cared more deeply about and for things than other people. I cannot watch any movies where the animals get hurt even Bengi or the black stallion. I sometimes, though rarely, know when things are going to happen. Instead of trying to develop this gift I have tried to suppress it as I though it was weird and I was scared of it. The same with the emotions, they have been so overwhelming over the years I have tried to supress them as well. I cannot stand crowds and avoid them whenever possible. I am a genealogist and have spent years researching my family's genealogy. I quit my last job of 5 years as one of the people I worked with was a narcissist and it was torture to work there any longer. I have always been a rescuer of people and animals and would go without so that others could have. I am very friendly but have no friends, I don't let anybody in my circle and I don't know why. I always though it was so they couldn't hurt me, but I don't know if that is right or not. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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Cat Whisperer
2 years ago
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Welcome Pet, your post sounds like we have a lot in common. Especially the friendly with no friends. I think is is due to our intense vibrational energy field. I have also noticed that "chit chat" doesn't come easy for me, I'd rather talk on a deeper level, which makes most people uncomfortable.
Secret Blossom
2 years ago
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Hi there! I was also in healthcare as a nursing assistant for 3 years at a nyrsing home.....it came to be awful. I never understood why i was always emotionally drained, until i look back now. The way i see it is when your that sick and uncomfortable, you are an open book. No walls or barriers to put up around your emotions. So empaths are going to pick up everything in those types of setti gs. I got to the point i just couldnt do it anymore. I was drained, allthe while i had no idea that empath life was even for real. I, too, spent most of my life repressing these odd things that hsppen to me. I also dont have many friends, and tend to choos more closed off people, although I am a very friendly person, i always keep peopke at an arm's distance. This community is so great and helpful. I hope you enjoy it as much as i do!
2 years ago
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I am also new to the forum and am an ex-nurse thinking about going back into nursing after a long break. I always found that I was overwhelmed and stressed at work but couldnt quite work out why.

I wonder if now I am aware that I am an empath I may be able to go back into it but will need to learn how to defend myself. In a busy ward or nursing environment I wonder how much energy and concentration I will have spare in order to maintain my defences though.

I too struggle with friendships: I have a few good friends but struggle to make new friends as I cant do the small talk and like to shield myself.

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