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The first Question that needs to be asked is; What is an aura?

I believe it to be the life force energy generated by the subject. The subject ranging from a Crystal that will hold an energy and promote energies, to trees that have awesome energies that can stretch for miles, to flowers that have an aura that is particularly child friendly.

It is at this point that I would like to explain that I am not a leading authority on Auras and can only use my perceptions and knowledge to date to explain and elaborate on my individual perception. At the moment I feel an aura and it is rare for me to see an aura, probably the closest I come to seeing Auras is from trees. Human auras are easier to feel rather than see, but this is probably because I am more sensitive to feeling energies rather than looking for them.

The human Aura is one of the most intrinsic and complicated. This is because of the range of emotions we produce in a minute and the varying degrees that we feel these emotions.

To go back to the dawn of time cave paintings have been discovered across the planet depicting people with Halos usually surrounding their head, sometimes restricted to a simple circle and other times with rings surrounding the whole body with light emanating from them. Todays human visual interpretation of angels frequently show light emanating from their person. If a pre-school child draws a picture of their favourite person they will more often than not paint a glowing person. The evidence that suggests that all humans have an aura is indisputable just in the brief examples I have given suggests that they warrant further investigation.

Almost every website that can be looked at has a scientific explanation as to what "The Human Aura" is. I would like to try and explain it in as simple a way as I know how, we all have an energy field around us and this energy is generated by our own unique life force, it is essentially our portfolio. Each and every one of us has our own unique aura, if is essentially a canvas of who we are and shows people the kind of person we are. I am told there are seven layers to the aura and each layer corresponds to our chakra's

Working with Reiki I have felt the aura and life force energies of many people, and it never fails to surprise me when people have blocked energy paths, phone calls or e-mails a few days after a treatment telling me "I dont know what you did but it worked". The advantage of the human Aura for me is that if there is a physical problem with the human body it will first show up in the aura, it will make the aura for me feel different but for others look different. So as a person who likes to heal it is good for me and the client/patient for me to feel and after I have felt my way round the Aura I can perhaps encourage the energies to again co-operate with each other or even introduce new energy and allow the natural healing processes work their own solution.

The complexity of the aura and the varying opinions and persepectives cast about this area of the human body are as complex as the scientific and medical fields can muster. The simple fact is that the scientists and medics know of its existence but dont know how to prove it.

I have said that I will keep this as simple as possible in my explanation so my explanation is this: If you rub a balloon against your clothing you will generate lots of static and this static will cling to the balloon and it will try to jump away onto something else. If you hold the balloon near to the ceiling the static will pull the balloon towards the ceiling and hold it there, sometimes for days. If you hold the balloon near to your hair the balloon will pull your hair towards it you may see colours travelling the length of your hair into the balloons energy. These are just examples of Auric energy/life force energy at work.

The obvious contradiction is that static is what holds the balloon to the ceiling, ask each person to swipe the ballon over their hair once and stick the balloon to the ceiling because some of you will not even need to do that, just the fact that you have blown the balloon up and are holding the balloon will generate enough energy for the balloon to stick to the ceiling. These are just examples of how our natural energies influence and generate other energies around us.

A person enjoying themself doing what they do will attract people and influence and provoke re-actions from others. A happy person walking down the street with a spring in his step, a smile on his face in the pouring rain, and people will look, laugh or smile and acknowledge that the rain is not so bad after all. One persons energy can influence so many, their aura can do so much and reveal so much more.

Angel Blessings

Bruce 6th Nov. 10

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