Anxiety is overwhelming me

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4 years ago
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Hi all, My name is Karen and I'm new here. I found this site while trying to find answers to my emotions and my relationship. It is a fairly new (old) relationship. We were a couple in highschool but the VietNam war got in the way. Last year we reconnected. I didn't know it at first but he suffers from PTSD. Diagnosed buy never treated. We have split up one time because he won't seek out treatment and I can't deal with the melt downs. We are going to split again, again for the same reason. It occured to me just recently that my anxiety gets triggered with his melt downs. He is not abusive to me in any way. It's just what he feels, I feel. Like this morning he was having issues and he was literally shaking and not able to deal with anything. I was clear on the other side of the house. I could hear him, but it had nothing to do with me and was not aimed at me but I immediately felt my anxiety go from 1 to 100 and I started shaking. I left the house for awhile and immediately calmed down. Got back, and there it started again. He eventually took and nap and I was fine. Now I'm starting to feel a bit anxious, but also very depressed. I almost want to ask him what he is feeling but I don't want to start up anything. At this point I think it is best if we split. Maybe he will be forced to get treatment (although I'm not counting on it...he and I are both 64). Maybe we can work something out down the road (although I doubt that too...). He knows what happens to him and even says he should never live with anyone for that reason. I have not told him the reactions I get because quite frankly he will probably blow it off that I am crazy.

Well, hoping to get some clarity here and to learn ways understand and deal with the way I react to people in general. I am a virtual sponge.

Nice meeting everone.

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4 years ago
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Hi Karen

Your friend will be like this until he gets some help to deal with his demons. I had PTSD due to a work related accident and it is irrational in nature. I got therapy and it really helped a lot. It may seem a bit weird, but he has gotten used to his illness. It is like an old friend or addiction. He may want to change, but is afraid of taking the first step. People who have been where he is, Vietnam vets, can help him. There may be chapters of these vets in your area who have received therapy and are able to sit and talk to him. You may be able to find them through the VA, online, or at the local veterans associations. As an empath you will continue to feel his anxiety until he comes to terms with it.

I also suggest that you go to the Home Page and read the "Empath Survival Guide". It helps a lot and will aid you in learning how to turn down the volume on incoming energy. Always know that you can talk freely and openly with us as we know exactly what you experience as an empath. We get it. We live it. You are now amongst thousands of your own kind and will always be treated with kindness, compassion, understanding and, most importantly, LOVE. Welcome HOME.

Throw some love into the wind.


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