Physical Symptoms of Bilocation

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Physical symptoms of bilocation are similar to being intoxicated or under the influence of a drug. This is because during the state of bilocation the consciousness is split into two, where one half of the
attention remains in the room while the other half is transported to the target matrix or the target blueprint. The heightened sense of awareness that accompanies bilocation results to these signs and
symptoms that often distinguishes the state from normal consciousness.
Physical symptoms related to bilocation include pausing, dazelikestates, forgetfulness, especially forgetting what action to do next, forgetting common words and names, loss of attention to the surrounding environment, rhythmic rocking and tapping of extremities, decreased coordination in body movement, and decreased eye movement and blinking. Individuals have also been observed to start waving their pens in the air while in this heightened state of awareness, also referred to as the
state of high attention.
Due to the nature of the physical symptoms of bilocation, it is notrecommended to operate vehicles of any kind until at least 15 to 20minutes after. Getting up slowly, stretching, drinking plenty of waterand writing down what you have experienced, if you remember, will helpto dissipate these symptoms.
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