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8 years ago
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Hi Everyone

I have had a recent discussion with Elise concerning a new idea and I am starting a new group named "Library of Inspration". If it is approved it will contain articles, links and personal stories on how to fire up thatvisionary ability that you have inside you to be the creator you came here to be.

We all came here to share our dreams with each other and most of us just get lost or beaten down to be "normal" and not rock the boat or stray outside of the norm. We, however, are empaths and true rainbow chasing prophets. We are the ones who see what is, to us, very real and attainable. To us these "dreams" are as real as stone. We are the ones who lead the rest forward by the strength of our visions. We do not settle for the mundane, the grey, the insipid as this is not our nature. By the very nature of this site you are now on a journey with the rest of us that will take each of us, collectively, to a new and beautiful place that others cannot even concieve of. I am a Communication Empath and, according to my work with Angels, it is my goal in this life to be a way shower to what it is possible for you to attain in your short time here in this material adventure. I hope you will join me at the Library of Inspiration where we can all add our own vibrational frequency and together create a place of deep learning and spiritual rejuvination through love and mutual understanding. We are all parts of the One. There is always only one of us in the room. Know that you are loved!

Throw some love into the wind


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Cat Whisperer
Cat Whisperer
3 years ago
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Bing, what happened to the Library of Inspiration? When I first jointed the community you had sent me a list of links, however, they are not working now. I am trying to find 11:11/Lightworkers link. There you had the meanings of 111, 222, 333, etc. I used that as a reference on a daily basis and for the last few weeks I cannot find it. I miss it! In fact I miss a lot of your links. You are a wealth of information :)Shine on....

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