The Astral Field (box of frogs 15)

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7 years ago
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Something really obvious that I have not previously considered, have you ever wondered why a child will spend hours listening to rain and why it is so comforting?

We spend our lives rushing around and forget the simple things, do you ever listen to the rush of the wind blowing through the leaves of the trees or why some trees are silent and some trees are noisy?

I have been experimenting with Astral Travelling and moving about in the astral fields/plains, I have always done this but sub-consciously it is only now that I am trying to focus and actually do it with intent. This in effect means that I am analysing it into submission and probably missing the whole point completely.

I am aware of various levels of astral travelling and of the various tasks that can be performed at the differing levels, when I say differing levels. I mean differing awareness factors of what is actually here, I am going to try and explain this in clinical terms without pedant and without metaphor but the problem is I will see a transparent jelly fish type object and you will see a cloud of colour even though we both look at the same thing, the difference being our individual perception.

A fair amount of my travelling has been done with tree meditations, this involves communicating with a tree or grove of trees and sharing with them. The same way that we walk into a room and identify a friendly face it is possible to walk into a forest and be among old friends. I have an avenue of Elm trees close to me, the estate was built around these trees so the trees bring experience and old knowledge to this estate. I have frequently parked in this road and absorbed the knowledge and atmosphere that only these trees in this location can bring. One of my favourite places to experience the astral field is in a grove of beech trees in a forest local to me. A Beech tree is a source of knowledge and learning and a place of asking questions, this grove of beech trees holds many spirits, (I will explain this later if I remember) each spirit ready to step forward and assist in the journey. Again I have jumped forward...

This is one example of how I meditate and travel.

I stand amongst these Beech trees and ask for guidance, sometimes I stand, sometimes I sit, sometimes I just lean against one and I close my eyes and listen to the sound of their leaves or the groan of the timbers shifting and I find myself in a different reality, this is just a drift into a different level of reality, this is what I believe most people call the astral fields or plains or dimensions.

I can easily get lost whilst travelling this particular astral field, the rush of the wind, the gentle patter and carressing touch that follows it's not difficult to want to stay. I am happy here and the variety of different life force energies here is enough to keep me wrapped up in the whys and whatnots for a life time, the easiest thing to do here is just accept that this is how it is and not try to analyse.

My meditation and my journey here is based on the trust I have in these trees and the fact that they have invited me to share, I would not attempt to venture into the astral fields without asking permission from these particular trees and/or being accompanied by a Guide or Angel.

The appeal to this dimension.

To get into this dimension has been explained it is the sound of a gentle rush of wind a bit like putting headphones on and listening to the sound of silence before the music starts. It is a reassuring hum almost womb like. Sometimes flashes of colour will follow before the meloncholy appearance of a new day. This for me is usually me laying down looking up, I am totally conscious and am totally aware I am able to move about freely if I choose, sometimes there is colour and sometimes it is completely colourless. The objects I see are usually leaf like in appearance.

Have you ever watched a Dandilion seed float along in the breeze, or watched the almost vertical descent of a Horse Chestnut (conker) leaf. The spiralling of a Sycamore helicopter seed. All totally unique and totally naturally accepted as "normal."

This reality is comforting in the sense that there is nothing but normality, to understand the natural colour is by comparison to look at the full moon during the winter season, to understand its purpose is to accept that this is a reality just waiting to be explored, it is a long forgotten reality but holds no secrets.

The comforting easiness of the dandilion seed floating by, young and old alike we will always reach out and try and catch this seed and yet very early in life we learn that it is not an easy thing to catch, yet whenever we see one within reach it is with childlike exuberance that we reach out for it.

I hope I have portrayed the gentle easy nature of this first dimension/alternative reality/astral field.

Bruce 4 Oct. 2010

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7 years ago
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Hi Bruce,This reminds me of Shamanic journeying. The Celtic version uses a tree as an entrance into the lower realm of non-ordinary reality. Maybe they have a special vibration that makes it easier to go into a trance or something. I've always loved communicating with trees. They are so wise & have so much to share. =)
7 years ago
207 posts
Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts, I am thinking I have been away from here for to long.Thank you allWith Unconditional LoveBruce

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