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Depends. Not everyone that can sense aura's of others is good. Some are evil just like with normal people who cannot sense aura as much. No concrete rule since there are too many variables to consider. It depends on the both of you and your commitment to each other. One or both get very intense emotions at times and stuff would be transparent but in my opinion it has the potential for an extremely high amount of love, affection and obviously understanding of one another.

If a bunch of people in the room are noticing it and eavesdropping and its catching attention probably it isn't one sided. People who are usually not intuitive can be intuitive about certain things like that sometimes in my experience.

Courting stages usually have subtle manipulation with regular people, or "gauging each others intentions" but with this if it escalates it'll be pretty raw in your face, so I suggest the template of social rituals should be discarded if you do decide to pursue this person, since you can see through each other. Be raw about your desires is my advice if you decide to do this.

Also, it could be the two of you are projecting love into each other simultaneously which amplifies it even further, not that only one loves the other and the other thinks its there own feeling when it isn't.

Fear, Love, Anger, Sadness, Pain will all be at a high compared to normal relationships but you probably understand that. Good luck with what ever you decide.

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