Vampirism and Possession

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I have found out that someone has been draining me for some time and has caused health problems and aura issues, however I am not sure if it is "them" or if there is a sort of spirit or entity in them. I suspect it is them, and I am concerned because a close friend of theirs seems to be suffering from their relationship with them. I say seem to be because I have vague information I have drawn possible conclusions about (in regards to the friend and the aforementioned vampires relationship).

I am not this persons friend but they are infatuated with me. I know how to block but again, I am concerned that this person is possessed. I have a very eerie sense from them at times, and I instinctively avoid them. There was someone else I knew who was possessed and it was more "in my face" because I could tell asap. With this person I suspect it is a lesser entity or nothing. If my aura is "with" them how do I get it back? Is there a way to stop them from "taking" from people in general?

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As indicated in our Posting Guidelines, we prefer to keep the main forum discussions related to Empaths.  If you want to talk about other topics, I would suggest our wonderful groups!  

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