Empathy: Are We Born With This?

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Hop Daddy
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I was trading messages with Jen Stone on another topic today and the conversation changed to whether all humans are empaths but most have not learned how to turn it on yet? Or is this a genetic thing that only a chosen few have. I will say from personal experience it seems to run in my family. But what do the rest of you think?

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If we all were Empaths the likelihood of crime and wars would be 0%?

My experience chatting and talking to about 6 other Empaths,all female,that we are born Empaths and traumatic events in our lives increased our sensitivies/abilities.

No one in my immediate family is an Empath or mentioned they are one...my abilities came from my mother and my father's mother who is native Indian

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I can't speak for the metaphysical community but I don't think everyone is born an Empath. I think everyone is born with the ability to show empathy and compassion.   Being able to show empathy is the absolute to show compassion. But an Empath can actually feel the pain and emotions of others.   I was born with 2 siblings and I'm the only Empath. I had two sons and one is surly an Empath and his little daughter is one as well. 

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