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I pray to God and the Angels to protect us while we discuss this topic. I was wondering if anyone else has ever had an experience that they would characterize as being an encounter with an incubus?

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--three occasions over the past 4 years.  Once I was just sitting at my computer, once I was in the shower, and once I was sitting on my teenage daughter's bed talking to her.

--At none of the times was I sleeping, or dreaming or even close

--At none of the times was I engaged in any sort of meditation or activity of an intentionally spirit-evoking nature, although generally my life has really amped up spritually these last 5 years.


It was an extreme dread, that was like a veil lifting to show an evil evil reality, it washed over me like nausea does (although i didn't feel any nausea, just a similar washing over feeling), each episode lasted approximately 10-15 seconds, enough for me to share the experience orally with my daughter. "Something's happening," I said out loud. And then I just sort of gritted my teeth to bear it. My daughter just held my arm and experienced it too, not the spirit but my experience of it. My son came to the room, too, and neither questioned my experience, they both just helped me to "get over it." It took about 5 minutes to fully recover, and all I could say is that I had no idea what it was, but it was very Evil.

--On all three occasions I felt that the visit was personalized, as in, it was with me, personally, not like electricity or rain which are random, but more like a specific and intimate encounter. Sometimes incubus is related to sex. I wouldn't say that these were sexual, but I also would not say that they were asexual, more like alpha energy, yang, male. 

To be thorough, I explored possible heart problems because I read that when a person's heart stops, it can feel this way. I got every screen that might show if I was having a heart attack or stroke or even just an irregular beat.... Nothing...... healthy heart.

Again, a prayer of protection. As we discuss our experiences, protect us and give us eyes that see and ears that hear, a heart that understands, bravery to know more of what we didn't know. Wisdom to stop when we are in danger. Healing and Power to Heal. Hear us!

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