I really need help with surviving psychic vampire.

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Hi, so my mother is a psychic vampire. She will leech all my energy when she's home and recently it's intensified to a point where i am barely alive(sorry for drama, it's just serious for me). I cut all verbal contact and clearly show and say that i want to be left alone and break all contact but I am still leeched. I want to move out but i don't have the money right now. I am 23. 

I tried affirming to myself that I do not want to give the energy to my mother. I also tried asking divine energies for protection. What else can I do? It's pretty serious right now. Thanks.

By the way, sorry for asking this again I know I asked about this some time ago but it has now intesified and I still can't get things to work.

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problems with family often aren't a quick fix, so you'll have to hang in there. Sorry to hear it is tough. I am confident your prayers are being heard, and things are in motion....

Make sure you replenish your energies regularly. Pray for it, and connect to healthy Earth energies, i.e. grounding.  And pray for her, ask that she gets Love and Energy from the Divine, so she does not have to take it from you! Or less so over time.....

If you have not already - look into cord cutting, and relationship healing prayers/ visualizations.

I keep on reading on here too, that others seem to be helped keeping rock salt in the house, or bedroom. Either dry or in thick water solution. Just make sure you throw it out once in a while, and do not cook with it, after it has potentially absorbed negative energies.

Make sure you eat healthy, get probiotics, and possibly supplement Vit D

Love and Light! Saying a prayer for your situation too!

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