not sure if this is an empath thing or not

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Ok well my senses seem to be enhanced. Most light bothers my eyes which is why I normally sleep through the day. My hearing and sense of touch are more sensitive and my sense of smell well I was able to tell when to young women I was very close to got their monthly "gift" from mother nature. Is this normal for empaths?
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Not sure if other empaths are that sensitive, but for me...yes, yes, and yes. My sense of smell is especially strong. My husband jokes that I have a bloodhound nose, lol

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I believe that heightened physical senses is part of spiritually awakening, and not all Empaths have reached that level yet. I have.

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My ears ring so much I've learned to ignore it to the point it doesn't constantly drive me crazy. And the whole smelling when a girl is on her period only happened with two women I had a very strong connection to. I don't think I could deal with smelling that from every woman. 

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I still get ringing in one ear on occasion... this happened regularly during my kundalini awakening.  I now call it "angel radio" (as this could be messages being "downloaded") and simply ask (silently) that the volume be turned down.  I usually have to state it 2-3 times, but within a minute or so the ringing is gone.

I am generally more sensitive to sound and also to light now.  Also to a lot of food additives.  Especially fast food that I used to be able to eat no problem now turns my stomach in knots.

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huh, that's funny.  I can't eat fast food like I used to either.  Never put the two together.



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