Can emapths just lose there ability?

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Corey Easton
last year
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It's gone, I feel like I'm gone. I feel like I've finally got being an empath down, and I just lost it all today. I don't feel anyone else anymore no emotion no thought just myself and it's so confusing. Has an other empaths just lost their ability
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Cat Whisperer
last year
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I believe being an empath is something you are born with, so for you to just not be one anymore, I do not believe that is the case. But....I have had times were it seems like it is gone, sometimes for weeks at a time. It does come back. I have found during those times, if I dwell upon it, it seems to make matters worse. Let go and try not to worry about it too will come back in time. I so understand the feeling. Wishing it comes back to you soon 😊


last year
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Corey-Easton, no it's the time to panic.. your gifts are apart of you. they aren't gone :) do you work around a lot of people? if you do then your gifts are at rest. I would do a mediation, keep your mind clear and just focus on clearing the negative energy. go for a walk away from humans, it will come back don't worry.


With Hope, Love, and Light  

Corey Easton
last year
62 posts

Thanks everyone so much you guys are awesome! I was freaking out today your posts helped a lot! yeah I work in a school district so I'm constantly around a lot of people, maybe they went on a little break, I feel them slowly coming back though 👍🏼 I'm definitely going to take all the advice, thank you


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Hi...sometimes being over tired can make it more difficult for ppl to sense or use their gifts.....I have a friend who when tired isn't as sharp with his abilities when tired...I on the other hand find when i'm tired my own abilities are too taking a rest...focusing on relaxing....taking a step back and do nothing at all....sit outside in the sun...rain....sleep .. whatever makes you relaxed and recharge or decompress....would go a long way at balancing out your energy....take a bath...check that your energy centers....Chakras are balanced and cleansed....stuff like can't loose your abilities...but the areas in the physical and etheric bodies that enable our gifts to function can become blocked or clogged learning to unblock them will also help...

last year
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Corey, don't worry about losing your gifts, it doesn't work like that anyway. I believe they've gone dormant on you to rest. These things can overload us, my ability did the same a while back. Only thing is I enjoyed the peace and quiet. But after a while I felt like a huge chunk of me was missing. So I meditated, I guess it's like I closed my third eye so I opened it again. Being an empath is so taxing physically and mentally so the universe gives us time to heal when we don't take it ourselves. Enjoy the break, rest assured while and when you're ready, open your eyes again. I was able to wake up stronger and more stable with my ability. Don't force it just let it be.

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I feel like you do at least once a week but everyday here lately. I have found if my mind is preoccupied , it's harder to feel what we need to be feeling. If you can find something hindering the flow in your conscience mind , it may be something you have or don't won't to think about that's causing it. I'm a wizard at blocking things out of my mind ..for years but sooner or later we have to get it over with. I've been down a while this time but it's coming back. Yours will too. It's not gone, just kind of dorment.

last year
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don't worry too much what was said earlier was  about right. we blow a fuse sometimes  or become too drained or ill.  i enjoy the rest the peace. really hard to take people at face value like the rest of the human race though isn't it lol. 

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