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I had this posted earlier but I think my munchkin deleted it on me, so I'm posting it again. So two weeks ago I had a dream about a man standing in the corner of a room and he was on fire. He raised his arm and pointed at me to get out, and the last thing I remember is getting my husband and daughter out and then I woke up. I don't know where I was none of the details of the room or outside was very clear to me. Anyways that weekend we drove three hours to visit my grandmother for the weekend since my husband had 4 days off. Well we left a day earlier than planned so that way my husband was home in time to relax before going back to work and what not. Well the next day my grandmothers house caught on fire. She made it out and it's not completely burned to the ground, so it can be fixed. But talk about a little freaky, is it a coincidence, a warning, or what. Does anyone have any ideas.

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I still see the other post. It's still there.  

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