Sending bad energy or shielding bad energy

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Most of us are just loving creatures. We get high off of making someone smile on there worst days. Bring someone who is down up to our vibration level and making them smile makes me smile. Showing them hope when there is none. That's what we do and I guess we are part of a lot of people's healing have those who pride themselves on bring people down, hurting them just because of their race or insulting their intelligence. The one that look for a persons weakness and uses that to destroy them. Aka...narcissist.I do not tolerate someone hurting another mentally just so they can get their "fix" off of the weak.I worked in Quality Assurance for 20 years.I was the "people person" of the department. I am a people person. I'm a EmpathI have had countless people over the years ask me why I didn't like them and each time my reply would be "who said I didn't like you" and every time I got ask that question it was by a narcissist or someone with narcissist tendencies.I try to keep my thoughts pure and full of love. Do we send off bad energy to bad people without knowing it ? Is this some kind of shield we use? Or do we mirror their bad energy back on them and they are feeling themselves ? I have looked at people in a way that says"today isn't the day" but to make them feel any different than I make anyone else feels, I don't do that. I'm not about that. But some how they know I don't like their energy or it's not acceptable to me without me saying a word. You might ask, "body language maybe?" No. I'm a happy person, even when I'm not happy. I don't like bring people down. I want them to have a good day if its a good day or not. Life is full of negative people and situations and I try not to be one of them for anyone but I'm not saying, if you push me, I dont push back. I may be nice but Im not weak. But only the ones that have challenged me know that side of me. It's not a face that I wear. But I will step in when a stronger mind person starts to insult a weaker minded person. There is no reason you can explain to me to make a fellow human bow their head to another human. Not to hurt them for no reason except for the power you feel you have over them. It's just not right. So...does that mean I have narcissist traits because I refuse to let a personals soul be destroy by another? And how do these people know I don't like their bad energy? Just wondering.
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hehe - you are right on trend there with a few thoughts I have been having. I did a loving kindness meditation the other day, and have since been trying to integrate that approach even more so in my life than I used to already. Not just people, but energies I encounter too.... BUT I do not do so because I think that I was a terrible person before. I deal with many energies every day - keeping a loving kindness frequency is still something that takes extra concentration, so if I do not have the time to concentrate on it, I do not beat myself up.....But if I do concentrate on it, especially during healing meditations - it makes them more pleasant! (So I am being purely selfish - lol)

So what do I do that might not be perfect. I do not wish anyone/ anything harm, especially long term. But identifying something as confused, I might get slightly annoyed there for a second :) Sometimes it makes me grumpy too. BUT I know that even that is not what I really am. It is just because I get those energies too to process, and again if I do not have the time to concentrate on loving kindness, I live them for a short while.

I do think though that those feelings are usually projected onto me. In a way we are ambassadors of the Divine, for at least being somewhat less confused than many others. As such it sometime feels like I feel what some expect the Divine to think or feel about them. They think they are not all good, either because they aren't, or due to some guilt (justified, or not), and expect the Divine to be upset with them (as they currently do not understand unconditional Love). And with hard core Narcs it can also be that they simply try to bring us down by creating guilt about reacting to them there for a short while....But there is no guilt to be had (in my opinion, for myself (but that is a stance I had to reassert many times over, before I was confident about it!)

Love and Light!

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Actually i'm the same way....I think we're born this way.... as a child I once TRIED bullying another child....she started crying and I did was not proud of myself that day and never did it should feel good about helping others weaker than you..and don't have narcissistic traits because you stand up for others....or stand up to the narcessists.....they are the ones picking on weaker ppl...for fun and games. ....for me as an empath THAT is their  illness...their because I know they're ill  I tend to want to be gentle with them....that's MY weakness in their they go thru life with empaths backing down until one is strong enuf to get in their I never feel guilty in standing up for the weaker ppl....I don't hesitate at all....and you shouldn't feel bad. . ...they know we don't like them because it shows....well...on my own face anyway...I feel  uncomfortable. ...and they know it because they see it and some people take pleasure in MAKING you feel that way so they hang around and continue to bug you until you either snap....or have to call the

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I know what you mean. I work with very mundane type of people who only care about food, sleep and sex, oh and getting drunk. That is their life. They couldn't care about the shift, they haven't a clue. It is exhausting at times dealing with such low vibrating people. Often, it manifests in the atmosphere while driving. I will notice a palpable restlessness in the drivers. I feel it too and I know its what is out there and not originating with me. This is a time when shielding is needed. So its you life and its your energy, don't let anyone trample on that or send you their crap.

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