Do people affect you remotely?

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Moon Lily
last year
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Has anyone ever experienced that someone was affecting them remotely?

For example, I have woken up thinking about someone such as my mother. I call her and she had been thinking about calling me.

The odd thing is that I feel like I am in tune with others remotely, too. Others who I do not have the same level of emotional connection that I do with my mother or other family and friends.

A few days ago, I woke up thinking about a former coworker. We worked together and our interactions were very limited. It seemed very odd to me to be thinking about him and have him on my mind. Frankly, I do not know much about him. I know a few years ago that he moved out of state. Beyond that I am just not sure.

I found myself a little obsessed. I was looking on facebook and linkedin, where he had added me on both years ago. Continued to feel compelled to contact him. But really, I have nothing to say, because I do not know much about him.

This situation is so very odd to me. Am I too open while sleeping? Is it nothing empathic at all.

I am a mental health clinician, so I initial thought was it was just something unconscious stirred and coming to the surface. However, I am unable to determine what. I have no connect with this man, no feelings, no unresolved stuff. I can just not come up with a psychological reason.

In retrospect he may have been a little sweet on me. Perhaps that is what is coming up for me an that is what I need right now, but why the compulsion to contact him?

I appreciate any constructive feedback you have to offer...

~Moon Lily

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Nocturne's Angel
last year
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I have it happen to me daily.

It at times subsides once I contact the person.

At times people have said as your mother did that he or she was thinking of me, etc. at other times it's not that they were thinking of me but that they were in some type of situation, distress, etc. & could use my help.

I actually end up with other people's symptoms (morning sickness, aches & pains, swollen ankles, etc.) so it can become a tedious pain in the butt. :)

Cat Whisperer
last year
726 posts
Yes. Sometimes it is just like you mentioned...wake up with someone on my mind for no apparent reason. Other times it is how N. Angel describes...aches, pains, but especially emotions. The hard thing for me is descerning who's stuff I'm picking up on. Sometimes it's clear, but oftentimes it is not. This very thing is what led to my realization that I'm not an HSP but rather an empath...or maybe both.
last year
410 posts

It's possible he has been thinking about you. You should message him to find out :) Just say, I was thinking about you... Always listen to your intuition. And yes, feeling other people's feelings or thoughts remotely is very possible. :)

last year
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I get the physical symptoms remotely also. It is a real pain, as it interrupts my sleep a lot, and makes me think I'm going mad. Some of it is also very painful or uncomfortable.

It's most obvious with one particular woman who I want to shout Don't think of me! at... Maybe I should say something. She's in perpetual crisis. I don't know how you can stop people in moments of upset/pain/crisis bringing you to mind, it they think you are a kind, strong person and it soothes them to think of you. Argh!

last year
1,194 posts
I have it happen to me everyday and I wonder why I can't get certain ones off my mind. I could better understand it if it was people that I left on bad terms with, needing to apologize to them but it's usually the ones that touched my heart for a moment then moved on. Best friends that had lost touched or just a person that I met that left a print on my soul. Then again sometimes I'm drawed to strangers in situations that I feel I need to reach out to but can't.I have one person that crossed my mind everyday but lost connect with a few years ago. Don't know if I just miss them or they are thinking about me.I wish I had all the answers.
Moon Lily
last year
6 posts
Thank you for the feedback. It's good to know that I'm not alone.
Billy Jo
last year
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 I don't always have any compulsion to contact the person, but rather to send them love and good wishes. When I do feel I need to contact them, I spend some time making sure I am grounded, and asking what they need from me. The answer almost always comes.

last year
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Hi. .sometimes those compulsions or the urges to do something is for a reason....I get that quite often....most of the time it doesn't make sense until I actually do it....sometimes i'll refuse but in the end something happens for me to come in contact with a person where I can listen to them....usually at that point they'll say something and it THAT'S why...and I go from your case you may just want to satisfy the may feel an odd thing to do...but there is a him and ask if he's ok....there's nothing wrong with looking into the issue further....just word it in such a way that will be acceptable to you and not coming onto ..hi...are you ok?...i've been getting this odd feeling that something is wrong with you...sometimes the direct approach is best in order to avoid unpleasantness...if he sais no then you can say I did what was asked so now just leave me alone....just get it out of the way so it will

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last year
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It happens to me daily. Sometimes I just need to think of my mom and the phone will ring and it's her. It also happens to anyone that has crossed my path, including homeless people I meet on the street. I have come to a deep knowing that the person is on my mind because he need my help. I always send the person loving kindness by keeping a moment of quiet stillness for that person, seeing him/her engolfed in a loving bright light and sending love and peace. If the thought persists, I will reach out and contact that person and I find that they needed my help in one way or another. My ego gets in the way by telling me, "it's just a thought in your head, let it pass and think of someone else". I have learned to always follow my intuition , not impulsively, but by discernment. Sometimes the thought gets so "loud" in my head that it stops me in my tracks and I reach out. When that happens, I know it is Spirit and I act. 

last year
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My best friend who lives over 2,000 miles away is very connected to me. When she hurts herself I feel it all the way from here. One night I woke up with my arm on fire. It felt like I had burnt it on the oven. It woke me up in the middle of the night. I mentioned to my friend a few days later in passing and come to find out she HAD in fact burned her arm in the exact spot mine was burning! It's happened a few times. I even predicted her pregnancy and sex of the baby. It's pretty cool. 

last year
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They do, they do, unfortunately more than fortunately , I might add, since I always seem to be the one who gets the short end of the stick in the sense that I've ended up being drained more than i ever think I did that to someone unintentionally. The problem is you do not realize this, in fact, you live with it, until you get out of the immediate sphere of influence of thoughts of that person: and this might as well apply to parents and toxic "wheels". I used to get tired and lack energy really fast, and somehow I've tried looking into the problem from multiple angles... do sport, eat healthy, not think about this or that.. turns out it only became better when i actually started paying attention to my inner self/perceptions. On a similar note, many popular "society" teachings are nothing but the opposite of what you should follow to actually reach your goals while maintaining your values if you have any.

Reshaping your relationship and re-addressing your own attitude and confidence in yourself are big attributes to develop in order to have a more balanced life... at least for me, it seems, i needed to work on this. Despite how much I did not like aggressive, stressful environments somehow I end up in them. Karma is a bitch I guess, and sometimes I am wondering whether I am actually getting anything useful out of this by default, and not what I actively have to transform into "good stuff" through addressing it differently. People are so messed up. So, so frigging messed up. I am a person too but way too many things just left and still leave me speechless. I want to try and be close to nature as much as I can during my life. 

I am very sensible when it comes to links and perceptions... and this has been a "problem" all my life except when it came to actual people being themselves, or kids, or animals...... For me it feels natural, to be in this kind of contact with someone or something. The confusing part is seeing all the blockages coming from other sides, dubious mindsets and so on that only mess up a natural link that would be created between two souls. So many needless things that we embrace and so many "rugs" to hide the "garbage" under. Being taught a more direct way of addressing your own feelings would be so much more beneficial to the society than aiming at hiding them until you explode or do "what someone else says you should" before you even become aware of yourself. 

The link with certain people gets so close that I can perceive what the others feels during sleep but definitely not only (i mean during mine, in form of dreams, especially if it's about unexpressed things), and they can fast be felt on the physical plane. I am also positive about telepathy and it's as real as it can get. There are a lot of things happening on the mental plane and in fact most things start there. Funny how so many oppose it.

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