Does the job/career that we do would have to relate to ourselves for being an Empath, or could be a completely different thing?

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Although I have the option now, whether to further study for a Master's Degree or to look for a job...but subconsciously I am more driven to get a job instead of studying.

A few days ago, I had a dream of a hand pulling my t-shirt and then my leg from my back, and I was too afraid to turn around and see who was doing it.
I ignored that dream because it was 1:30 a.m. in the morning and went back to sleep.
In short, I didn't know that the dream was about two job invitations which if I accepted either one...would be a very big wrong decision for me. The key was my fear in that dream.
I also ignored my intuition about it and basically right now, I am in the process of trying to get out one of those jobs.

The only latest offer I have is about Telesales Job in a hotel industry (VIP Lounge) and the interview is two days later.

Even though I don't feel anything bad or by intuition, not seriously as bad...I heard from a friend that telesales job is easy if we don't care about other people's feelings.

So now I started to wonder a little bit, because since two days intuition is not just in emotions anymore, but also physically feeling it.

If I rush and blindly take it and regret it, it would be really troublesome in trying to get out.

Since a big part of me (probably my subconscious) has accepted the fact that we shouldn't abuse our gifts/abilities, I won't do it...but then so, I don't know how to go about with this.

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I have quit every job I ever had because I can't stand seeing people being bullied. That is what work is, we are slaves to money and will eat shit if the price is right. It isn't my fault the average american is underpaid and overworked, yet I suffer watching other people struggle, even though I too am upon that boat. I can take shit from anyone yet, defend others with problems half as bad as my own before addressing my problems foremost. It is who I am, I care not for myself, and want to set an example for others, not to tolerate mistreatment, not to tolerate under-appreciation, not to tolerate low wages and false promises of a raise.

What I am trying to say is to follow your heart, and do what makes you happy, money isn't real in the end, and peace of mind cannot be bought. Abusing your gifts is only abuse if you cause harm, or loss to another. So long as you can see your life and everything in it objectively, STOP THINKING and do what FEELS right. Our emotional connections contribute to our daily lives, personality, moods, habits, subconscious interactions take place all around you, and if you think about it you will be blinded from the truth. The truth that lies inside all of us and makes us lose sleep at night even if we did what we were taught to do, if what you did was wrong, guess what, the only person you need to truly answer to is yourself. If you worry about judgement from your peers, they aren't you, if you fear judgement from god, you are probably to ignorant to follow your heart due to brainwashing anyway, you're not accountable... That is after-all the point of life is it not? To follow your heart? You will find eternal peace if you do.

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Our brain and heart never see eye to eye. This is my big problem as I'm a very logical person. In your case I would have picked the job where the company had a good rep, pay, benefits etc. Right? Logically it makes sense. But would feel the seconD job would be more ideal as it felt right. Then I have that rumble in me. What has helped me is list out the pros and cons and go with my gut/feelings tell me. I honestly believe for myself I'd make a better nurse or therapist, versus the corporate world. But I dread going back to school lol.

I believe if you are using your gift to help others in a profession, why not? You definatly would be more passionate about it and do really well and helping others. I can see where it's abusing that power if others are not being helped they way they need it.

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It's best to choose a job/career that is in line with your passions, not necessarily your empath ability :)

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