where do you buy your crystals?

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I have been reading about crystals and I see some that are interesting on Amazon but are these true crystals?

And which crystals do you suggest for self esteem help and happiness/luck?

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I got most from metaphysical shops and crystal stores. I have ordered a few online but One wasn't real. Check out the group "tools of an Empath". You will find some of your answers there.
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I get mine from local spiritual stores. It's best to pick them out in person.

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Yes it is. You will know when one calls for you to pick it up.
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Might I suggest investing in a book on crystals...can pick those up on line or at a book store....crystal shows are a real treal...lots of fun...major energy and beautiful stones to browse thru....a good calming stone and negative energy absorber is a selinite stone...that's one of my 1st stones I started out with....it's a icy white crystal...not clear...I just recently bot a selinite pendant to help me at work...I don't usually wear jewelry but thot I'd give this a try....so far so good...lol

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various. Ideally I'd buy form a store/ stall, but in Central London there is not that many, and many of those are over-priced. Plus I am a sucker for online buying. I know many say that one should feel them, before buying, but I cannot say I ever had a problem with online bought crystals energetically. I did get two Vogel wands from China, that I doubt are quartz, but glass (but even they do channel energy).

Generally I'd say the likelyhood of getting a fake crystal depends on what you buy. Many crystals are actually not that expensive, so faking them might cost more than just selling a genuine one. As for more expensive, rare ones, there might be a higher risk, but here too, I bought a few 'high frequency' crystals, and they arrived with 'high frequency'. I do not use them too much though, as they are usually quite small. When using crystal to especially help me focus and strengthen my mediation, I like to hold more chunkier ones.

I find that often different people have different affinities (might be star sign related?). As a Taurus I love hematite, and clear quartz. As well as Preseli Bluestone (very pure white energy). Hematite is especially good at helping one to ground, and if one wants, to 'ground off' negative stuff - like fears, insecurity, unhappiness etc. What one should be left with is more the usually innate happiness, self-confidence, etc. that is what we are, as individualized divine Spirit!

Have fun!

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It's better to buy it from the local stores where you are face-to-face with the crystals instead of online.

For me, this is better because I get to inspect the energy of the crystals and if they are calling me or things like that.

There is one store nearby my place but unfortunately, even though the crystal pendants are cut in a beautiful way...their energy is very weak till I feel pity for them.

Generally for happiness, I'll say rose quartz for happiness and that might lead to self-esteem.

Luck would be a different crystal though.

Cat Whisperer
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I have found the best place is gemstone/rock shows. You will have to search your area's local events to find them going on since it is a random weekend thing. I recently went to one and wound up not only finding a lot of great stones/crystals but met a lot of like-minded people to boot! Was a great experience, can't wait for another one in my area.
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Hi Adda,

All the crystals jewelry in our Made by Empathsite have been individually inspected :)

They are handmade in the US from crystals that have a clean, strong vibration.

For happiness, check out the Heart Healing Rose Quartz!

in love


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I agree that metaphysical shops are good if you have them in your area.  You may find yourself drawn to certain crystals and being able to see and hold them first really does make a difference.  That and gem shows are the best ways to window-shop.

There's groups/pages on Facebook that discuss crystals and post images along with descriptions of their properties to help you guide you--or you can ask questions:  Crystal Guidance and Healing Crystals will be the best bet for you, I also follow Crystal Knowledge.

Once I find something I like... if I can't buy it locally (or it's too expensive) I usually buy from ebay.  My favorite vendor for tumble stones is shopciscotraders, all of their listings include descriptions of the crystal properties.

Mike Simpson-Rogers
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I buy mine on Etsy.  My Crystal chest from The woodshape Store.  I will post pics once chest is finished.  All from dreams.  I got the ideas to make it.

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I get some locally, some I get online. I have developed a system similar from the one learned at the psychic experiments here to tell if one is real or not. Once you figure out that time and space are irrelevant, its easy to do. I do caution of anything from China. Those people have a long history of fakes and they are getting better each day. Test energetically not visually. Also crystals do not need to be beautiful to work.

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