The Empath Community is "moving"

2 years ago
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The move is scheduled for Monday September 12th.


Our service provider does NOT allow us to export these items. These items will be lost.

  • Friend list
  • Shared photo and video
  • Profile page content
  • Private messages
  • Passwords

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO (optional)

  • Save your friend list.When the new site goes live, you will need to "follow" your friends to send them private message. Make a list of your friends if you want to remember to "follow" each one. Or just rebuild as you go along!
  • Save Your Profile page content. Copy what you have on your profile locally and post it again on the new site.
  • Save your private messages, if there's something important in your private message, save a local copy.
  • Fix your password. The FIRST TIME you login to the new site, you will need to use the "reset my password" link and update your password. You can use the same one you used on this site.

So what's going on?

The Empath Community has been on a platform called for 9 years. This platform was free for the first few years. Then they discontinued the free plan, and we scrambled to raise money to pay monthly fees.

I was just notified that they will be raising our fees to $69/month in 30 days. And we can't afford this.

In case you're wondering, I have tried many form of fundraising: donation campaigns, google ads, Amazon affiliate program, Paypal donate buttons, special events, classes and the "Made by Empath" store where sales provides a donation.

But none of these numerous efforts have been enough to support the sitesustainably. When I try something new to raise funds, it works for a few weeks but then it dries up.

It's a personal choice but I do not want to ask our members for money or charge for the web site. People who come here have enough on their mind that they don't need someone asking them for one more thing.

Sooooo that's why we're moving to a new platform. The problem is that we will lose a lot of the stuff we have on Ning, such as pictures, videos, your friends list, your private messages, etc. That why I have waited as long as I could to move. We have 10 years of baggage and we can't take it all with us.

Lastly, THANK YOU for being here. Please don't feel bad if you can't help financially. I will find a way. But your presence here is what keeps this website alive.


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