Empath or Emotionally Intelligent

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Not to confuse newly awakening Empaths. We are Empaths. I was born this way. But I have actually observed quite a few of these "emotionally intelligent" people. They are very nice people and can show empathy and compassion but I have noticed, as I'm watching and listening to them deal with people not in their "paid grade" (sorry, can't think of a nice way of saying it), they..well..I could tell it was learned a trait and really didn't come naturally. Not saying all emotionally intelligent people are like that but the ones I have watched , in actions, lacked the connection we have. I guess I have witnessed too much racism in my life time. Racism affects more than skin color. Ok. Anyway. I seen this and tried to compare myself to it but just like the title , I made no connection.http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/11708852http://www.talentsmart.com/about/emotional-intelligence.php
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Lol...I too have a problem with 'learned' emotional intelligence...it doesn't feel sincere...kinda like a lie...if it's learned is it a genuine interest?..or made up to manipulate someone...I can be nice and hide my annoyances too...which is a form of a lie...lol...and to ppl not paying attention or not sensitive they can't tell...to an empath it's noticeable right away...I guess one could be proud of learning this trait but it's not the same. ...to me it would come across as a lie...so I wouldn't find them sincere or worth my time...lol...I wouldn't be able to stand being around them for long...lol..
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I agree, that these are two different things. I believe everyone is born with some degree of empathy, from psychic to regular (for lack of a better word), but with time, and as people mature and develop their sense of self, their empathy level changes as well (it can also go away and come back strongly, due to certain circumstances). Although, I believe, most adult empaths were born and stayed that way, though their gift can increase (develop) with time and experience.

Emotional intelligence is more related to IQ and personality, whereas, empathy is more related to the heart (emotions/feelings) and intuition. Definitely two different things. :)

Thanks for sharing, Rene' <3

Kit Kat
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Does anyone know, is emotional intelligence connected to being interpersonally intelligent?

Thanks for sharing - this is so fascinating :)

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Kit Kat, I believe good interpersonal skills is one aspect of emotional intelligence :)

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I know when im faking my emotions or of caring nature for someone even though im refusing to connect with them, those who truly need my energy get it no matter any race sex age or gender... I cant bear the pain of true distress from others

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