Increased receptivity

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is there a fast way to increase my ability to sense auras other than meditative/prayer methods?

like very fast

updated by @laog: 01/09/17 11:29:14AM
Nocturne's Angel
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Hi Lao,

In my experience real progress takes time & dedication not a fast approach.

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The more you want to see the less you will be able to, these gifts are manifested through patience and self-less behavior and oneness with all energy, its hard to understand the mindset without experiencing it. Try some Psilocybin for fastest results lol.

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Hi...the more you practice the faster you get...since repetition of anything is the way we learn and get's definitely frustrating when your caught off guard by some incoming energy and you have to drop everything to go close your eyes to see if you can see what it actually definitely sux... lol...most of the time the energy is too fast to be able to do that...or your doing something that doesn't allow you to stop and figure it out...I get caught off guard ALL the's nuts knowing all the technics but unable to put em into practice due to trying to live a normal life . practicing takes time and patience...which I try to have but can't seem to hold onto the patience for

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