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Nocturne's Angel
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Hi Kimberly,

I believe everyone has at least one spirit guide.

A spirit guide is a spiritual guiding force that assists those living on Earth, throughout the Universe, etc.

Spirit guides can appear as animals, natural elements (fairies, gnomes, elves, etc.), animals, etc.

You can try looking on youtube for guiding meditations to meet your spirit guide, do a search on this site for instructions & discussions on how to meet your spirit guide or find someone to give you a spirit guide reading.

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Nocturne's Angel has said it all pretty much.

It is not so much about trying to find them, as allowing them to connect to you and guide you. Well, they do not need to 'find' you, they always know where you are ;). For them to connect to you, you just ask them to connect please. You might then see them, feel them, and or hear them.

And no to scare you, but the spirit realm is a bit like humans. There is good ones, bad ones and some that are a bit of both. So before any spiritual work - meditation, communication, etc. it is always prudent to pray for Divine protection, so that confused energies are kept out as best as possible. (Which is not always 100% possible, so it is up to us to think about messages, etc. we receive. To try to evaluate if they make sense, if we want to follow them etc. Basically just like when humans give us advise. It is up to us to decide if it is good advise, or not :))

All the best! Love and Light!

(I love the attached guided meditation:

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