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Lately I feel society has failed because I can feel it I know it has.As humans we can be far better then we are.But we have become distracted by money and a false sense of security.As empathy it's our job to make the world better everyone is supposed to feel as we do see as we do,but they don't .The world should have a better sense of love and unity but it does not.My heart aches because of this.The world needs to change or it will destroy itself.I feel we as empaths try to change things and give up but how often do we ignore the world for our own sake how often do we try to change it be honest.This is not how reality should be deep down you know it too.We have stunted our growth as humans for money and power and it has got to end with us. If we allow it.
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Money power and greed are a necessary evil to encourage the growth and development of growing civilization. Competition encourages growth and improvement. We are coming to an end of an era, the industrial revolution, we need to adjust to the amount of abundance that was in previous eras not known to mankind, we have been living and growing in a culture of survival and community, until the past few hundred years we haven't needed to scavenge in the woods for dinner, we haven't had to dig to find water, we didn't need help from others to accomplish survival, all you need now is a local wal-mart.... its sad really, we are more disconnected than ever before while surrounded by so many people, and so much abundance. We need to adapt to this new way of life, and we have, in turn very negative actions have resulted, and this is why so many of the empaths feel so much nowadays, we are shifting off the course that we have been on for thousands of years, you cant expect to derail a train without collateral damage.... just because something looks good, costs less, makes more, doesn't mean its a good thing for everyone, and that is our purpose, to remind people we are OF this earth and not ON this earth... We are disconnected I feel the same pain everyday, I know my purpose is to show people how it feels to be alive, how to love themselves and others, how to be at peace, even with the disgusting actions of mankind, there can be no good without bad, yin and yang, balance to the universe, we would not know the world as it is, if not for the world that it was.

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