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Just wondering if I'm alone in this; I will do almost anything to avoid confrontation, and procrastinate when I have to deliver news I know will cause negative emotion (anger, sorrow, dread . .). I know that in either of these scenarios I am going to (by proxy) feel these same emotions. It has lead to extreme procrastination and high levels of dread. Does anyone have a "way" to deal with this situation? I also have a few family members (immediate/close) that carry such negative energy it's hard to communicate with them, any help in either situation would be greatly appreciated. Sending positivity and light too all!
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Kit Kat
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Well I recently learned that the part of the brain that experiences physical pain is the same part that experiences emotional pain. So I say, confront the person like you're ripping off a glued-on bandaid (which I know is what it can emotionally feel like). The sooner it's over the less long you'll have to worry about what will happen.

I'm the same way - I hate confrontation/conflict of any kind... I suppose it's worse for me when I don't see it coming, when it comes from someone else. But either way it's hard! I once had to force myself to wake someone up from a nap (who I knew was in a bad mood) because she was going to be late for something. It was awful and it took me at least, like 10 minutes to build up to it :/ Also, I had to make a difficult phone call recently, so when someone dialed the number when I wasn't quite "ready" (to get me to stop procrastinating), it turned out to be a good thing. I think we, being empaths, just have to do this for ourselves when no one else is there to push out on "on stage" so to speak.

I feel your pain... Love & light to you, too :) Hope all goes well..

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I find unless people have motivation they are easy to shy away, when put into situations as such, for one i'm happy you understand the reverse emotions, however, the feelings of pain, guilt, or fear are the only catalyst for love, respect, and hope. That you may feel their pain, however it is your burden to share the lesson, considering their false thinking and resulting pain is also affecting others now as well, by being selfless and strong and dealing with the pain yourself, you may help them resolve their pain and the resulting pain to others around them, you are not just helping them, or hurting yourself, your helping human consciousness as a whole and it is the work of the angels. Welcome to the club, find the harmony in perfect disarray and you will find yourself, all else follows with ease. Hope this helps...

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I have learnt over time that meditation is the key to balanced chakras. If all your chakras are balanced then you will automatically know how respond to any situation. Expressing yourself is directly linked to troat chakra,if it is fully opened you should be able to express yourself without reservations. I'm not sure if you are aware of chakras and to open and balance them but I think you should look at it.Kind regards.

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