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Can you detect the level of spiritual energy a person has when you're in their presence or remotely?

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Alot of my friends get goosebumps around spiritual energy. I've had a few tell me they get boost bumps around me, and that's how they can tell how spiritual I am.
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not necessarily accurately here (but find hat intuition rarely is an exact science anyway :))

More like a feeling of being 'at home' or with an old, great friend (still might remain paranoid, as narcs and psychos can convey similar initial feeling of safety). Or you might just pass a person and smile, and be smiled back at (and it feels genuine).

It gets somewhat more accurate if I give healing to someone. Chakras will be clearer and energy flow generally more intense. Also especially the head chakras will be relatively strong (but again, no firm rule, generally more intelligent and complex thinking people seem to have more open crown chakras, on average, (from what I notice with clients). Actually treating the back chakras can say more than giving healing the front chakras. Back chakras, to my understanding, is mostly past, and possibly past lives (but also where 'taken on' energies seem to end up.) So someone who is doing regular work on themselves often has comparatively clearer back chakras....

Then there is those who might have more spiritual energy than the average Jo/ Jane, but are still walking down more confused paths (my opinion), so i feel they have 'power', but it is not a harmonious feeling....

Don't see auras, so cannot say what that might convey....

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