Does the shielding technique work only to protect from negative emotions...because I tried earlier tonight and it worked against dogs too.

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Back when my running and walking group was active, we did several routes in the city.

Now that I am the remaining active member left and this is my last month staying in the city, I am trying a new idea of doing the routes...which is at night instead of in the morning.

This one route has a cemetery and dogs in the area.

I remember reading in a book something about creating a blue bubble shield around ourselves and it's called a psychic energy shield. I read about it like ten years ago and I forgot the purpose of it.

I tried to create one around myself (my own variation) that is yellow or white that is more positive, healing and protective throughout the cemetery.

When I exited the cemetery, I should turn right but three dogs were lined up as if blocking the path.

I backed off a bit and focused on creating the shield but bigger around myself.

Then, when I walked past that path, the dogs did not bark at me...but they went past me in a way that's like around the shield.

I did encounter some people in my way to walk back and I just focused on them, and since I did not feel or sense any danger or bad intentions coming from them...I walked on.

It's like instead of having negative thoughts, I tried to sense out if there is danger in my path and I didn't have to look back because I would feel it if something or someone was gonna come at me from my back.

This is odd because even though I did not use my power to manipulate anything, my experience tonight made me feel grateful for having my gifts, especially how that shield worked.

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