Your Experiences with Physical Touch

3 years ago
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Hey Everyone, it's me again. I hope we are all doing well. I wanted to ask other Empaths about their ideas or experience with Physical Touch.

I know that through my experiences I don't really like to be touched, at least not without being told or without warning. It feel weird to me but it's not like I feel them when they touch me (Like their Vibe or something). I've also noticed that I can't stand people who are even slightly narcissistic touching me, it makes me cringe. There is something so different between someone who is Narcissistic who cares about me and gives me a hug or touches me than someone who genuinely cares about me from a none-selfish place... it's almost as if the Narcisstic person needs me for themselves and that's the only reason why then care about me, it's not that they actually care about me (Hopefully I explained that well). I grew up in a family of very Narcissistic people who I didn't realize were Natcissistic until I got out of my house and met more people and got more into being an Empath, and I guess I was just always used to disliking them touching me and began hating being touched in general, but then I met other people who it's not a bad experience for them to touch me. It's so weird. I do have a question, There is someone who touches me and it feels oddly good, and I don't know why. Is this possibly because this person cares about me in a none-selfish way or something? It throws me off to how this person has a very comfortable aura... like they obviously have something off about them, like some sort of dark secret, but they are very comfortable to be around for me. Does anyone have any theories about this?

ALSO, I've heard that Empaths naturally have healing vibes, and I rarely touch people, but people really like when I do give them like a "real" hug... Should I be more open to giving people a friendly pat on the back or (Not in a creepy way or anything) in general not being as hands off as I usually am? I never realized how "normal" it is to just casually touch someone in a friendly way, and I always hated it so I never touched other people and now I realize how much it helps, especially in serious conversations or for just encouragement. What are your opinions, share any of them please! Thank you much and talk with you all later!

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