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Now that I realize what I am, I realize that I am not the only one in my family, I am also positive my son is one, and there's a serious chance two of my daughters are as well. My mother and one of my sisters. I think my grandma too, is it hereditary? I can see some of the crazy things my grandmother did in her life and am wondering could it be that she was an empath and everyone thought she was nuts at the time but she just didn't know what she was and how to deal with it?

Could a person or child with ADHD be a misdiagnosed Empath? (I read 30 traits of an empath and losing interest quickly is in there, as well as daydreaming) Is there a purpose for us? Especially now. Alot I have heard about are the side effects but does any one else take a proactive approach. Like I notice, and now know why, that I have automatically felt people out, sometimes I get the feeling but misunderstand the why they are feeling that way, Now I know not to always take it personal but does that get better with use or time or experience? Is it safe to do it?

Also, I am okay with feeling people out and now know the feelings I get aren't mine, that makes it better just knowing, but I am sensitive to the supernatural too, sometimes not good things. For example, I watched paranormal activity, yes I know its fake, but after that I felt icky for so long, like I opened a door or something and had to pray and pray about it, I even felt as if my fiance felt like something bad was rolling off of him. As well as paranormal state, I watched a few episodes and then strange things happened, like my daughter getting up out of bed walking around the room and I realized it was exactly 3:00 Am, She said nothing and eventually returned to bed. But talk about creepy, my son also came into my room and told me there was a spirit in his room. He was six, i don't know of any six year old who uses the word spirit. I don't go there anymore no more movies like that, but is it an overactive imagination, or did something nefarious realize I was open? I am a Christian and a believer, and know I shouldn't be afraid of them, but can any other people feel the flood of evil like that?

I know its a lot of questions, but I am knew to it, but any insight on any of these would help. Thank you. So glad I found this site.

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Trevor Lewis
Trevor Lewis
2 years ago
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Hi D.A.:

is it hereditary? Absolutely! And if you don't know directly that your relatives are empaths, look for signs of mental health challenges ... in other words, yes, your g'ma probably was an empath.

Could a person or child with ADHD be a misdiagnosed Empath? Again yes!

Now I know not to always take it personal but does that get better with use or time or experience? Is it safe to do it? Yes, yes, and yes again!

As for watching icky stuff ... we are more sensitive to this stuff. It is just better not to engage. Most empaths avoid the TV news (blatent fear mongering) and sad/violent movies. Yes, entities can latch onto us in that space but it is just as much about those negative enegeries dont feel good, so better to avoid them.

Is there a purpose for us? Especially now. - yes, again. Personally, I believe that being empaths is just a signpost on our road as healers and light bearers. Certainly, being empaths is not a goal or destination in itself.

Sounds like you are doing great on your journey thus far. Keep asking lots of questions. Welcome here to the EC. You are among friends.

Feel free to check out some of my other blogs here http://empathcommunity.eliselebeau.com/profiles/blog/list?user=1gak5r9msk249

Many blesssings


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I believe it can get better. Well, I might be projecting, but I have gotten better over the years (not saying I do not still get bad days too!) . Why exactly that is, I cannot tell you. I have done load so of things, e.g.:

- regular energy cleansing and grounding

- making sure I got rid of any guilt or masochism programs, that might make me take on negative energies unduly (and make sure I always cleanse out new ones...)

- as that I am protected and what disaffects me form the outside regularly take up and away (for rehab), by the Divine (perhaps some energies do not dare come to me, or attack me anymore?)

- various supplements (Vit D and probiotics seemed to trigger greatest improvement)

- healthy diet (from little meat, to veggie, and currently to vegan (but only winter will tell if that made a great difference, summer energies are often more solid)

- loads of crystals about the house....

There might be more, but cannot think of them now.

Love and Light

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