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Hello there Im Kimberly, and I want to thank anyone who is reading this and responds in advance Thank You for your time. (I'am not a great writer or good with grammar so please excuse any errors I have made)So Ill start by telling you about myself, Im a 29-year-old female who has bipolar and adhd. I do have a psychiatrist and I am on some medications for my conditions, but right now I'm working with my doctor on slowly getting off of some of them. And since I've come off of some of the meds I am feeling more like my old self more normal again. I love the water, being outside, and around animals. I slept talked and walked as a child. My sleep walking well sleep running was so bad that my dad would catch me before I hit the wall at the bottom of the stairs, since I was running down them it happened enough that he had to put up a gate so I wouldn't break my neck falling down the stairs. Eventually I grew out of it for the most part, I might sleep walk or talk once every few years now.Now a little about my family my father was born with a veil over his face. His mother was extremely good at reading tarot cards, and his great aunt could tell things that no one else knew. Now for mother she says to always go with your gut feeling and that she could always tell when someone wasn't a good person to be around. And her mother would always get this weird feeling in her gut when something bad happened to family before anyone else new.When I was born the doctor was surprised that I was alive I guess my umbilical cord was in two very tight knots. Then when I was about 6 years old I got shocked by a metal light post that was not grounded. Then again when I was about 8 years old my family was in a van driving and my father was telling us a story about how we got into a car accident, he told us exactly where everyone was sitting, the color of the van, and the driver. He then points out in his dream that he only remembers me wearing my seatbelt and when he says this it gave me chills so I put my belt on right away. About 5 minutes after I put my belt on where were t-boned by another van. When I was about 7 years old I was playing outside with my little brother and he went into the house. So I was playing outside by myself and I heard my mom call for my but her voice was coming from the woods next to our yard not from the house. This freaked me out a little but I climbed over the fence and started walking towards the voice. Then out of the blue I got a really bad feeling so I stopped and ran back to the house and found my mom at the kitchen table. I asked her if she called for me and she said know and I told her what happened so she told us kids to stay in the house for the rest of the day. (thinking about this now makes my hairs on the back of my neck stand up) When I was about 16 years old I was staying over my grandmothers house. She woke me up that morning and I knew it wasnt good, I had a bad feeling about my other grandmother. When I finally got home my mother told me that my great grandmother had passed away. I dont know or why Id have that feeling she wasnt doing bad the last time we saw her. When I was 21 years old I went through a divorce from my first husband. Well I ended up signing up for the army and was getting ready to leave for basic. Well I ended up in a car accident which delayed me leaving. So I was pretty down in the dumps with the divorce and getting hurt. So I was outside drinking and passed out in the yard, I remember laying there and my mom came out to check on me and said hey maybe the big guy upstairs is trying to tell you something. So the next morning asked her if she said that to me and she swears up and down that she never said that to me. I ended up finally going to the army a few months later and I was only in for a short period of time when I developed a kidney disease that almost killed me. I guess my mother had a dream of me coming home in a body bag, and then I got diagnosed and the doctors told me I was lucky to be alive they said I could have fallen asleep and just never woke up again. Then when I was 23 years old I tried to commit suicide and I was unconscious in the hospital for 2 days. The doctors said that I was extremely lucky to have made it. Now for some other things. I pick up when someone is being honest or not. I can feel other peoples pain when I see it or they talk to me about it. Its kind of weird its like say they broke their arm well my arm will have this weird deep tingling painful feeling. I can feel when someone is sad or mad or any other feelings like that. I get strong feelings when reading books or watching movies, it makes reading and movie watching hard sometimes. Now Im starting to hear and see things (no I'm not schizo, I know that for a fact, and the stuff I hear is not telling me to do anything). It first started in a house I lived in back in 2015, when I heard two little girls giggling. Then I saw a tall dark figure wearing a black hat. When I was moving out the neighbor lady asked my husband if we had heard or seen anything. Then she proceeds to tell him about the two little girls and the man. Talk about freaky, and lets say this house wasnt a good house the lady said this man was causing the fighting and violence in our relationship. Now Im off some of my medications that my psych doc put me on while I was in the other house with that bad stuff going on. And Im starting to hear people talking and music playing and seeing something. Let me explain. The people talking and the music is clear but too far away to make out what they are saying. As for the seeing things well I think Im lucid dreaming or just coming out of sleep but I see this skin colored/light tan human shape that has a slight glow to it and I feel like it is a male. I dont feel in danger or anything but its just weird Im trying to figure out if Im really seeing it or not. As soon as it sees me or senses me (because I cant tell if it has facial features) awake it turns and leaves. At first I thought it was my husband by the closet getting his clothes on for work but this was an hour after he is gone already. Ive also been finding feathers a lot lately the norm is black ones and maybe one or two red ones. One more thing my husband and I are looking for houses and Ive been getting weird vibes from just looking at some of the pictures of the houses and other Im fine with. I also met a neighbor to one of the potential homes and got the creepiest vibe from him. When I get weird feelings about things they end up being true more than half of the time (ex. Like the dog leash that we just bought is going to break, or that person is going to do that). So can someone please tell me what is going on here, I don't feel crazy I've kind of excepted some of the weird things as part of everyday life. My husband feels I have a sixths sense about stuff, and that I'm and empath. I'd really like if someone could help me out, if I really do have these gifts then I'd like to learn how to use them better and keep them inline if possible. And maybe what else to expect.
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Hi Kimberly

First off you are not crazy and are definitely empathic. It also runs in your family and with you it is from both sides. There is a lot happening in this world from the spirit world's perspective and there is a large amount of Light Energy coming into this world at this time. This is known as The Awakening and it is in full swing. Lots of people are "waking up". Have a look at some of the links that I sent you in my welcoming letter. You are in exactly the right place at the right time. Once again welcome to the EC.

Throw some love into the wind.


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Hi Kimberly,

Thanks for sharing your story. I would say that you have the abilities of an empath, psychic medium, and intuitive/prophet. In other words, you can feel what others feel, you can see ghosts, and you know things and or can predict the future.

I recommend not medicating your gifts, but trying to understand them better, and to not be afraid of them :)



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