Abortion and Empaths

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I don't want to stir up a hornet's nest, believe me, but what are some Empath views on abortion? I'm pro-life to the point that in my writings and thoughts about the issue it was as though I could FEEL the fear of an unborn baby about to get vacuumed away. It was a terrifying feeling. I cannot comprehend what I view as cruelty. I am just wondering how others feel about what I have said here. I am understanding and can welcome opposing views. Thank you.
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I'm pro life. I understand they may be situation that an abortion is needed but I have felt the emotions of an unborn child. I'm not saying this to change anyone's mind because mine cannot be changed. We are all Empaths here. We know the feelings of others emotions. My journey here is to love all creatures born or unborn. Yeah. I love them.
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Pro-life. In high school health class, my teacher went through a long detailed process on how everything was done and what happened.Pretty soon I was full blown sobbing, I had to leave the class because I was crying so hard. At the end of it the teacher told me she was sorry but she had to be as descriptive as possible, she was pro life as well and trying to spread awareness. She'd asked me if I had one before, she thought it was guilt. I told her no. But I don't think she believed me, that was worse than anything I think. Not getting how someone could get so upset and it not be guilt. After that, I just quit going to school. I didn't realize until just now how my desire to go there stopped that night. It was a night school and I already had a daughter at the time. I got my G.E.D instead. I don't know if would feel the emotions from an unborn child but i could see and imagine it clearly and plainly in my head, and I didn't like it.

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From what I heard, most women do not make that decision easily. If they do decide to abort, there will likely be important reasons.... I cannot say if what you felt is genuine, I used to feel all sorts of things, that over time stopped, so there is a chance that the initial feelings came out of paranoia. I have also become more level headed about suffering on this planet. So even if what you say is true, that being will go straight back into the Light, where it can receive healing. Whereas if that child is unwanted, but brought to term due to legislation or guilt - it will potentially have years of being unloved, feeling unwanted, underfed, maybe even abused etc....

I.e. it is too difficult an equation for me to come to a decision either way. So as with all such things, as far my input is required or appropriate, I pray and ask that the overall suffering bottom line be considered and the smaller value brought to be....

Emmy Long
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Man, I've thought about this topic so many times, and you'd think as an empath I'd be able to form an opinion but I still can't. I feel the fear that compels women to get abortions. And I feel the love that stops others. And I dot feel any particular pull towards one nor the other. And I feel that makes me "wishy washy". I usually have a firm viewpoint to stand on. But this one is hard.I'd like to think if I were put in the position now, is choose adoption not abortion, but heck, I really don't know cuz I haven't been there. And what an awful decision to make and then regret.I feel for all parties on all sides, and maybe that's my "empath curse". I just hope I'm never there. :/
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I don't think that's wishy washy, everyone is different and every situation is different too, I don't think I could go through with it but as you say until you are in the situation how can you know? And then again as someone else mentioned I wouldn't want that child to be born into a life of terrible suffering (but that might not be the case!) So many variables to consider and usually so much suffering on all sides.I do know women who have been through it and I feel the pain it had caused them to make such a decision living with them for many years, so I just try not to judge I guess those personal experiences may have coloured my judgement somewhat! But it is such a difficult subject I agree
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I'm against abortion. But I do feel a woman has the right to make a choice if the conception came about in a traumatic way, like through rape for instance. Not every pregnant woman is gonna want to carry that reminder through life for the next 9 months and 18 years.

Cheshire Cat
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Sometimes beliefs are less relevant than practicality and preservation of life that is already here, IMO.

Most of you are too young to remember the Dalkon Shield Disaster. In 1970, A.H. Robbins Pharmaceuticals had a scientist who completely made up all of his research on the first IUD for women who'd never been pregnant. It was put on the market, and was a seeming God send for me, since I'd just been told I had to go off the pill or risk a stroke.

The IUD caused a severe infection known as PID. It eventually led to a class action law suit because 200,000 American women lost their ability to have kids forever. I was one of them, but I did not know it for quite awhile, so failed to join the lawsuit.

After it caused infection, I had to use less reliable methods. I did not know I had severe scarring, so my womb could not expand. I was told there was at least a 75% chance I could not bring a child to term. My husband wanted kids and I knew he'd divorce me eventually over this, so it was a last straw that resulted in divorce.

Fast forward to my marriage to a man who was adopted and said it was fine and we could adopt. I got pregnant despite using birth control, but had to abort it to save my life, due to scarring. We found out our state said we did not make enough money to adopt, though both of us worked 55 hrs. a week. I got pregnant again, though I was now using an even better form of birth control, ended up hospitalized, unable to walk and on morphine, and once again had to have an abortion to save my life, only this time I had to go 70 miles away to a University hospital, since the only hospital where we lived was Catholic, and they told me it was God's will that my baby and I should die, since they would not do abortions. Since he wanted kids, he started cheating on me with one of his employees who already had a child while I was in the hospital. I begged the doctor to take out my plumbing, so I would not have to go through this horror again and he did.

Thank God for Roe v. Wade or I'd have been dead long ago, all because some scientist cheated in an effort to make a name for himself. No price can be put on the suffering and the rejection I felt.

Maybe I am just trying to make myself feel better, but I've heard many mediums speak on this and say that abortion is often written into your life contract, and you will see the baby on the other side, and/or the soul will simply choose another suitable womb to be born into in order to fulfill it's purpose. I've also heard them say the baby's soul is in and out of the body often from about 3 mos. after conception through the first year of life. I don't know what is true.

Do I feel guilty? Of course I do, and it gets worse as I get older. I often wonder what they would have been like.....But, I also wonder what the hell else could I have done in the circumstances? Would I have stayed in what were obviously weak marriages just for the kids? I just don't know. I think the options must be there in a free society, though we should certainly rely less on them, and it might help if kids were taught just how unreliable many forms of birth control really are.

Just my two cents,

Cheshire Cat

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I'm sure your babies knew the pain you were in and knew they was only going to be there for only a moment in your life. I feel so sad for you. That hurts my heart. You will be reunited with them again and they will know your soul did not reject them. When a law is put in place it cannot not serve every situation fairly. Thank goodness you had a choice. It's just sad though for every woman the law helps it desensitizes others. I guess it's just hard being a mother, knowing the love of a child and knowing the struggles of being the only parent they have but would do it all again for the love of a child. But that's just me.
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I'm not one to have an abortion, if someone else wants to it is their life. I miscarried years ago and the emotional pain of that still comes to me from time to time. I'm not sure I understand how a woman or couple can come to a conclusion to abort, as it makes me shaky and uneasy inside. Not sure if it's because I lost a baby, not by choice, or if it really is the energy I'm picking up from that woman or couple or unborn baby.
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I am Pro Life... HOWEVER.... I have had an abortion. Yes i hear the condemnation, I was my worst enemy as well ...UNTIL it was over.

The situation was, I am a mum of 5, my youngest at the time were 3,2,1 and I found out i was pregnant again. I had always wanted a large family so under normal circumstances I would have been elated, however I wasn't in normal circumstances. I was in the process of separating from my partner and father of the other children under extremely volatile circumstances. He was partially diagnosed with personality disorder and bi-polar, however at the time was suffering a sever episode with psychosis and delusional symptoms, which i found myself at the centre of. IT was an extremely abusive and violent period throughout my life, one which i am still cleaning up the psychological and legal effects of, and then to find out i was pregnant was just too much. Deciding to have an abortion was the hardest decision I've made, I had to fly to another town and attend the centre on my own. IT was extremely traumatic for me as I felt it was like a meat processing plant, whilst others sat around laughing and joking, updating snapchats and Facebook and discussing how many times they had been there, i sat in tears and in prayer. I had called on my guides and an aunty who had passed the year prior to come be with me. When i went into the theatre I closed my eyes with tears rolling down and asked my aunty to come take my baby before the doctors did. When I woke up i had been expecting to feel like an emotional wreck, however it was the most at peace that i had felt in so many months, i felt so full of love knowing i had done the right thing, knowing my baby was safe and well cared for, she was loved and had so much joy surrounding her. I left and later that day i passed by a crystal shop and a little gypsy lady came out to tell me "all was ok and my aunty had HER!" well.... I just cried!! I still see her in my dreams, I have a few token momentos, however i communicate with her frequently. I don't feel she has come back elsewhere yet, she is still with my aunty and she is so so happy. When I feel down i am able to draw on this very pure joyous energy that is full of innocence. Outside of this, I have miscarried a number of times whilst trying for baby #3. I would say neither are an easy journey to work through, however am comfortable with my decision. I wouldn't do it again though! And don't recommend it!

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I'm sure that was a very hard decision. My sister had two abortions. One when she was 17 . I was only 11 at the time but I can remember my mom flipping out when she told her and she made her have an abortion. Very harsh I know but our parents were narcissist and very controlling and abusive. The second one was aborted because she was like you , she was in the process of leaving an abusive husband and at the time , she was a drug addict. At the age of 30 she had a Tubal ligation due to the life style she was living and she thought she would never want to be tied down with a child. A couple years after that she all the sudden had a 8 year old step son that lived with her. She layed the drugs down and was the best mom ever. You could not tell that he wasn't . When my sister and her husband divorced , her step son choose to stay with his mom (my sister) instead of moving with his dad. Unfortunately her step son died in a car wreak at the age of 27 and it devastated my sister. That's when she finally decided to talk to me about the babies she had aborted. She said she doesn't feel like you killed them but gave them a better life with another set of parents. She does still think of them and wonder what they would look like and who they would of been. I can not judge her or anyone else for their decision to abort a baby because I'm sure every person can validate why they have an abortion. I'm sure that is one of life's hardest decisions. Please understand , I am not a pro life activist , pro life is a personal decision I made for myself. After feeling the emotions of others unborn children , I know they are alive and have feeling and emotions. Some intuitives say the baby spirit comes and go while in the mothers womb. I myself , have not experienced that feeling but that doesn't mean that it isn't true. It just means i have never experienced it myself.I know quit a few women that has had abortions and everyone of them, after hearing the story behind the situation , they felt like abortion was the best option. I am not the one to say it wasn't because it wasn't my decision. I have to sons and have had a lot of struggles in life raising to small boys by myself but that was my decision . Even now, they are in their 20's we still have struggles but it's ok because I decided years ago, what ever struggles we have alone our path of life, we will struggle though it together. Now, I'm raising my granddaughter due to bad decisions my oldest son and his wife made but it's ok because my granddaughter that I'm raising was part of the decision I made years ago. Whatever life throws at us, we will handle it.Being pro life or pro choice, other than medical emgercies, is a decision a person has to make personally. I'm sure there are a few women that uses abortion as a quick fix but knowing how a woman feels about a child and how hard it is to make that decision I'm sure it isn't as often as one might think. But abortion was not a word that has ever been in my thought process and judging others for it isn't my job because I can only walk my path and deal with my own life decisions. I do not try to persuade someone to be either/or because it's not my decision, it's theirs.

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