slight dilemma

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so there is someone who has been astral projecting to where i live and stuff the past few months and we got a real good relationship i even told her i love her and she told me the same as well but we did it through telepathy. lately though i dont feel the heart chakra connection as strongly as before so im wondering if she disappeared and its been getting harder to sense her presence when she visits. i know her irl and she started visiting cause she likes me but lately things have simmered down and idk if she like learned how to astral project without me being able to sense her anymore.

so idk if she is doing this but i would like to understand if my intuition would truly pick up her presence or if she has found some way to go undetected or somethin.

p.s ik her irl but we haven't had physical interaction a while and ive lost contact with her

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She may have found a way to go undetected.

I would recommend calling, texting, etc. to ask her.

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