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I spend a lot of time browsing the web, most interestingly I find is all of the theories and philosophies of life, spirituality, and the universe. Gaining some knowledge in chemistry, particle physics, and electro-magnetism, combined with some of the deepest ideas known to man, mixed with the intuition of a free spirited and open minded empath, which also takes over ten years of research to acquire. To come to a much deeper and profound understanding of what we think we know. Meditation makes for a good time once of this information becomes sub-conscious... I have a belief, a understanding, which can not be explained. So I will present this as my theory, which will be erratic and contradictory, proven wrong, and seemingly useless. However with all great discoveries, only once mistakes are made can conclusions be determined. All I truly want to do is make you think.

The universe is alive.

Everything that constitutes the universe is of one being, just like the distance between atoms in our own body, a single life form emerges. So let's compare the atom to a solar system. The same systems emerge, a central mass with orbiting matter. This happens again as the atoms combine to make a larger molecule, we now have a galaxy, molecules combine and eventually become a cell, we now have a super cluster of galaxies. If you look at multiple super clusters of galaxies, they flow in streams, and from a distance, look strikingly familiar to a neural connection in the brain. Dark energy fills 72% of the universe and is unknown to man its true nature or necessity. Just as there is more empty space in our body than matter, we can not explain it. It is the fabric of space and time, the energy we all feel, the vibes we get. If an atom in your toe needed to get to a atom in your brain this distance and number of atoms it needs to travel past would be unimaginable, just like our understanding of the universe past what we can see. Some say the universe is an egg, I truly love this one, because if that's true, then none of us have truly been born yet. What if everyone and everything that has ever lived in the universe wakes up one day as a new being with all the knowledge from the universe as we know it, all life, intelligence, and understanding, what if the universe is the birth of a single new soul, when we hatch, lets compare this to an egg, we break out of our shell and go into our new world from inside the shell to outside of it. same with our soul, well what does that mean for the universe, If string theory says there are an unlimited number of universes or parallel realities, and the universe is a soul, once it hatches we should become part of the new existence in which multiple universes -souls- consume one reality, just as we do here on earth. The golden age approaches, and it will be the birth of the cosmos. Will we all wake up one day as a all-knowing universal being... God? I could go on and on, but that's enough for now

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