How do I know if I am an empath?

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Hi everyone, the reason I am writing is because I want to share a psychological test with you that I used myself.

There is a story behind it. I believe I am very emphatic and sympathetic person. My tolerance levels are extremely high and sometimes I let people get too much of me, but I guess I do that because I see they need it. It happens that people sometimes pass my tolerance levels and I confront them. That's when they tell me I am cruel and what not.

So I did a little research, I am always critical about myself. I wanted to see if I am really a b*tch or not.

I found this Empathy test that helped me get some useful insights about my personality. It is created by a psychologist, so I believe it is valid and reliable. I found it useful.

You can get it if you have an iOS device or Windows Phone.

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Having empathy has nothing to do with being or not being an empath. Some empaths are very empathetic, and most empathetic people are not empaths.

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True, I'm an Empath, for sure, and I can be a b*t$h. But if I stay grounded and try keeping my vibration high, then I'm tolerable. Lol. Empaths do not just feel others emotions but can actually roll play them without realizing they are acting out someone else's emotions. I also feel physical pains of others. ...then some days ....I may just be in a bad mood. After I started gaining somewhat control over others emotions, I could tell the difference in who's emotions I was feeling , mine or someone else's. Empaths have bad days to. Just because we have this gift does not mean we are the nicest people on earth. We have our limits just like every one else.

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