Nocturne's Angel
Nocturne's Angel
3 years ago
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Hi Cactus,

To answer your first question : Yes. Example : I have a very close friend whom I am able to pick up on her dense energy when I talk with her, am around her, etc.

It is especially worse when she is experiencing problems with her spouse, at work, etc.

In my experience, the more a person is troubled, holds in their emotions, etc. the more brooding their energy emittance.

In response to your second question I would say that some people be they empathic, telepathic, etc. are able to sense, pick up on, etc.

If someone isn't able to effectively manage or reign in his/her energy it may be that he/she is broadcasting energy (basically sending out their energy all over the place.)

As far as someone being able to invade your mind in my opinion that person would be considered a telepath or a very skilled person who knows how to telepathically connect to others.

Have a wonderful week.

Trevor Lewis
Trevor Lewis
3 years ago
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Hi Cactus:

There are a number of factors affecting how we pick up energy from other people:


Our sensitivity as receivers will factor into how much energy we pick up.


Some people transmit their energy more strongly than others, and the depth of the emotions that they are experiencing will also turn up the volume that they are sending out.

The unaware person may be just as sensitive as the aware person. The latter will understand why they have mood swings; the former will not.
Blood relatives will affect us regardless of where in the world we are and whether we are thinking about them or not. The link between sender and receiver is often stronger where there is a blood connection. Often, empath children may process the emotions of their parents or siblings long into adulthood.
Emotional Connection
Friends and acquaintances will impact us primarily based on the strength of the emotional connection we have to them, largely without regard to physical proximity. The stronger the emotional connection is, the less important the physical proximity is. Having worked from home for many years with teams spread all over the country, I have picked up energy from managers and teammates regardless of location.
Physical Proximity
Neighbors and strangers will influence us based on physical proximity. This is true for the people living in our neighborhood and the strangers we brush up against in the shopping mall.

Welcome to the EC. Keep asking questions.



Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat
3 years ago
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Thanks Trevor! I did not know about the bloodline connection and could not figure out why I seem to be repeating my mother's lifeexactly, despite a lifetime of efforts not to do so. I also feel the same severe emotional depression she had when she was older.

I've been trying to convince my husband about the physical proximity you mention to no effect, since he is not an empath. I live in a darkness sandwich, and no amount of shielding seems to help, when our closest neighbors to the north and south are the darkest people I've ever met.

As far asCactus'squestion, I find I can read senders easily, and like Trevor said, the higher the emotion in the exchange the easier it is to read, complete with a picture in my head of what they are really thinking, if they happen to lie to me.

But, I am hardly ever able to read other receivers, unless there is a pattern over time that I pick up on.

For me, the emotion in a communication determines how much I pick up, not their empathy, and the other person is often the exact opposite of an empath, a narcissist for example.

Elise's technique for turning down "others" and turning up "me" can be found under Empath Survival on the Home page and may prove helpful. Shielding can also help when around people you do not want to pick up on.


C. Cat

3 years ago
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I suppose we are all different - but when I pick up a person strongly like that they tend to be rather personality disordered, sometimes sociopathic, or just generally unpleasant emotionally disordered people. I have concluded this is due to the sensitivity of my receivers/antennas and also due to my personal history growing up with such types. I also pick up on people who use drugs very strongly, just in passing, at the supermarket, etc. It's not very nice.

I would very much doubt the person is another empath. There really aren't that many of us, and I for one do not live in a world where 'powerful empaths' impress upon or do battle with other empaths, although this sort of thing is very popular online. (This is all just my opinion, of course.) Needy and manipulative people, people with a degree of pyschic ability, psychic vampires (even rarer than empaths, but I've met a few), all can do what this man seemed to be doing to you.

A person with strong will and a sexual desire for you, or a desire to dominate and 'be better than' you, someone who envies and resents you, can do all this without consciously intending to have an effect, simply by bringing you intently to mind.

Beware of such types! Half of what my empath thing has given me, if not more than half, is an awareness of who to steer clear of.

"So my question is: Are there people that simply have stronger vibes and externalize their thoughts and feelings with greater amplitude or something and/or is it possible that I may be more sensitive to certain specific people due to a connection or something like that?"

Yes. Both. I don't think there needs to be a connection. Someone of stong will or strong force in their personality, can forge a connection like that by the intensity of their emotional body. You may be more sensitive to someone like that because of your personal history.

"I felt him so strongly that I eventually realized that I was even feeling his physical state (e.g. agitated and mind loopy on a morning after a night of doing drugs, later calmed down after having a smoke - I neither took drugs the night before or smoke cigarettes)."

Welcome to my world! I spend most weeks dealing with this sort of thing at some point, to one degree or another - and I can assure you I am not surrounded by empaths!

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